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Priestleys Log

Hello all,

Been weightlifting on and off for around a year and this is my first log.

Current stats
Age -20
Height - 6ft
Weight- 82kg

Squat - 90kg for 4
Deadlift 127.5kg for 1
Bench 62.5kg for 5
Barbell row 62.5kg for 5
Overhead Press 47.5 for 5

Workout starting strength but rows instead of cleans and 1x5 deadlifts everyday

Main goals are simply to get as strong as I can

Todays workout 21/5/12
Squat 20kg 1x5
35kg 1x5
50kg 1x5
65kg 1x5
82.5kg 3x5
Bench 65 3x5
Deadlift 120kg x1

Squat 20kg 1x5
35kg 1x5
52.5kg 1x5
67kg 1x5
85kg 3x5
Row 65 5x5
Overhead press 50kg 1x1 my right lat went into spasism resulting in my being unable to press anything overhead
may be due to my shoes finaly giving up the ghost, the heel on the right shoe is completely worn through

Workout 25/5/12

yesterdays workout was terrible, couldnt, lift anything. Turns out I’ve come down with something so planning to redo this workout when it has cleared up.