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Priest (The Movie)


Is anybody planning on seeing the movie? I was told that the novel was excellent and the story caught my attention. Im actually opting to see it over Thor. Hopefully that I wont be a mistake. Anyone know more behind the story?


Racist movie


Its out already? FML I don't even know when I will get a chance to see Thor much less this movie also.


I have no interest in this whatsoever, it reminds me too much of "Legion" which I had high hopes for but that was a let down. I think Paul Bettany may have type cast himself into the role of "Bad Ass with strenuous ties to religion"


Ya it seems like he has a anti-religion theme going on.


How so?


Absolutely nothing like the manga (hint: the manga deals with fallen angels, exploring the possibility that God is a control freak obsessed with "testing" his subjects).



Paul Bettany is tiresome and the movies he stars in are just bland.


It is a movie about killing Vampires. Ct. Rockula. Ct.=Count Chocula


Fuck, you beat me to it.
Well, I'm on the fence about "bad ass"


Dude has a cross tattoo/imprint on his face...everyone knows guys with face tattoos are total bad asses...Mike Tyson, Gucci Mane, various Aryan skinheads...


Ye he's lame, but he gets to smash jennifer connolly's back doors in every night...


She has multiple assholes?


I'm looking forward to this, as I thoroughly enjoyed Legion. I could care less about Paul Bettany typecasting himself and such. It's mindless fun. That's what I enjoy about certain movies, like this one. If I could eat popcorn, I'd have it ready...


Same director.


Makes sense. Nonetheless, the story and trailers(the longer one(s)) caught my attention and seem worth the watch. The only true experience I have with Bettany is A Knights Tale and I never saw Legion. Hopefully Im not let down.


I enjoyed Legion. Priest is on my "to watch" list purely because it's taking the sparkle out of bloodsucking.


Daybreakers, 30 Days of Night, and Let Me In could fill that void for you.


Seen 'em. It's just that the more movies there are out there to counteract the monumental hype of Twilight the better. It's not necessarily that I'm a vampire purist, but the vampire legend pre-Bram Stoker formed around the idea that your loved ones could return from the grave and attempt to take you back there with them. That was what scared the shit out of peasants and for good reason.

It's not just that a vampire could kill. They look like the people you knew, but there is something missing, and even though in life a victim would consider vampirism to be literally a fate worse than death, they embrace it and would try to deprive you of your own life and make you welcome the curse as well. It links in with what I said about people trying to understand the nature of death and mortality in the afterlife thread.

Most vampire literature and movies ignore that, but it's integral to what a vampire represents. The original Salem's Lot miniseries, though dated, is the closest thing I've seen to capturing that feeling of dread and powerlessness in the face of seeing loved ones die but not staying dead.


I'll wait for it on DVD. I agree with others who think this could be similar to Legions.