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Priest Fighting Woman



A Priest flips out on this woman, and starts hitting her. He even throws
holy water at her.


I wonder how a priest would fair in prison.



This world is going downhill - there must be more to this story...


Yeah, really. Whatever that woman had done, had said, or was saying, that would make a priest react like that during what was apparently a baptism, was probably deserving of much more than some holy water being thrown on her and a slap...


He is a Priest in a very tough neighborhood. Eventually every one takes a stand, even Jesus threw the money changers off the steps of the synagogue. Good for Jesus. Good for the priest following his leader. Every once in a while the good guys have to take a stand against stupid people. I recently watched a Baptist Preacher remove a trouble maker by a good grip on the troublemaker's ear. I think he was doing a one hand pressing action for one long rep..


There are some tough priests out there.


Thie reminds me; anyone remember "Helltown", the 80's TV series starring Robert Blake? His character was Father Hardstep, a priest in a rough neighborhood. I thought that show kicked ass, but it was canceled after one season.