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Pride verses Racism


Why do so many people view Black Pride as racism. Blacks have had to fight for everything they have gained. Yet the pride they show in being Black is racist.

The Obama's are a proud family. One that has had to struggle harder than most to gain the accomphishments they have. They are proud to be of African heritage. They stand up tall and speak their minds so you will know who and what they are. They are not trying to be white. They are struggling to be equal.

To be equal one must stand on their own feet. They must first know who and what they are. Second they must let everyone else know who and what they are.

One can not successfully run a country without the strength of character required to be the person you are. Yet when a Black person expresses who they are they are viewed as being racist against others.


To your question: the same reason that white pride is considered racist...cmon now.

and to the rest of your post: what is your point? and are you like...totally blazed?


I've been on the wrong end of black pride. Honest to goodness pumpa fist into the air black pride. Nothing like being on the ground in the middle of kicking, spitting, "black power" and "cracker" chanting crowd. I'm just as suspicious of "black pride," as I am of "white pride."



Edit: Quite often it seems as though black pride is centered around the notion of "overcomming whitey", as white people are commonly seen as the origin of black oppression.


I want somebody who has more love for and pride in the country they are charged with managing and protecting than they do in the color of their skin regardless of which it is.


I see a difference here. Where there appears to be a large correlation between Extreme Pride, both black and white and racism. I don't see the correlation with an individuals pride in themselves and their heritage and racism. Where the later is a personal approach to self understanding and individual growth. Where the first is usually a result of group activity and a responce to an outside stimulus of some form.

I'm thinking along the lines that the majority population. Feel a threat to the status quo then minorities start to show self expression, pride and and desire to achieve greater things. The response to this threat may be innate in nature or a simple dislike for change.

What ever it is. People are going to have to make a conscious effort to change the way they think. This hatred for those who are different and those that choose to be different is slowly demeaning us as a people. With our level of intellegence we should not be tolerating this type of response to others.


1st off get one thing straight Obama is not black, or more the point African, yes his father worked for the Kenyan Govt. and he lived there for a min or two before being rushed off to Hawaii to live with his White Grand parents. His Father is 7/8 Arab and 1/8 African negro according to his birth certificate. so doing the math with Moms being 100% white and dad 1/8 "black" and 7/8 Arabic Obama would be 1/2 White, 7/16 Arab and 1/16 "Black" Calling Obama black is like calling a lemon an orange because it's part citrus. At only 1/16 blood most native American Indian tribes won't let you claim to be a member.


Define "black" because I obviously have no clue what it means. After all...to say someone is not "black" would also require a complete understanding of what "black" means to begin with.

"I'm all ears." :slight_smile:


First of all...people can see the difference between simple pride and racism. You have no argument. The black pride that people see as racism is the same black pride that sees white people as its opressor. I mean, when you imagine a weight being heavier than it is, it becomes more difficult to lift.

Many black people have worked hard, many haven't. Many of these people don't break the cycle and are content with blaming white people for their own lack of success.

Obama was smart, it wasn't hard for him to graduate from two ivy league universities. He's now president. He has every right to be proud, like many others. There's a difference.


Yes Technically he is part African American however that would be the smallest part of his heritage.

But since you can't dispute my statements with any fact you will now continue to argue over words, meanings and context. I did not mean to offend by typing "black" it is simply easier to type than African Negro which is the International standard term for a person with true African heritage. Look at any passport or birth certificate for a person fitting that description.


Shit, I guess I'm not black either. Who knew?

Most of the "black" people in this country are mixed with several other nationalities and have been for a very long time. It is funny that all of a sudden we are worried about what 'percentage' people are. I wonder what brought that on?


Well,my friend...arguing over words,meanings,and context is the basis of this childish obsession of Obama being..or not being "black."

"Black" does not offend me. Its a very subjective term. Just as "white" is...or is it??? Hmmm.

Regardless,all of this is like debating whether a tomato is a fruit or a vegetable.


I know...I'm red...nah..make that burnt orange(go horns!).

I really don't know the reason..but its like people that are arguing that Obama is not black feel like they're taking something away from someone. What's the reason behind this childish satisfaction??


If the man is not actually black, the majority of the American people did not get what they voted for. UMMM I MEAN...


Gee, the majority of "blacks" in this country don't trace their heritage ONLY back to Africa. That means his question still stands.


If we had McCain as president elect,you would still be singing the same song...just a different tune. And NO ONE would care how "black" anyone was if that were the case.


As you two stated that you are black, African American whatever I would think that a person who is for the most part (15/16) not black claiming African heritage would piss you off more than someone pointing out the fact. Living in South Dakota I see a lot of issues with non-natives less than 1/8 blood trying to claim they're Native or showing Native Pride. I actually saw a guy nearly beaten to death for attending and attempting to dance at a Pow-Wow where he didn't belong.


It's not about any one race it's about doing what makes you popular not what you actually are. Personally I could give a shit which candidate won, I didn't support either of them. If we want real change and progress we need to go back to grass roots politics, I'm talking pre-depression Americanism and rebuild our infrastructure and route out some of the corruption.


I am not sure i understand.


What does that even mean?