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Pride Press Conference

Today there was a press conference held by Dream Stage Entertainment, the company that runs Pride.
About 250 media and 600 fans showed up.
President Sakakibara stated that Pride has committed no crime.

Sakakibara is very surprised by Fuji tv’s actions. After Pride’s Bushido show on the 4th there was no indication of Fuji tv’s imminent actions. On the 5th, during a media event for a Pride dojo, there still was not any ction by Fuji. By 4 o’clock in the afternoon though, Fuji tv’s lawyers approached Sakakibara to inform him that they were dropping Pride, and that they would release the statement to the media immediately. Sakakibara was very surprised and asked for time to take some action.

FUji tv’s reason for dropping Pride is that Pride has given Fuji tv a bad image.
Sakakibara said Pride will go on without Fuji tv because the fans want to see Pride.
Sakakibara also stated that he will be taking legal action against a Mr.Kawamata who is responsible for writing the story connecting Pride to the Yakuza in Shukan Gendai.

No announcement on a new broadcast partner, that kind of sucks. Fuji TV really has a hard on for screwing DSE because of the yakuza scandal, it appears. I guess they figure if they can’t have Pride, they want to damage their reputation to the point that no one wants them.