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Pride or Die!

It started as a normal weekday afternoon. The sweat and humidity of Houston weather made me sweat like a Pig, as Mosquitoes were biting all over my neck, and I was doing standing military presses. My mind wandered and collect what happened today so far. I guess it was around this time when the bar was over my head when I asked myself “What am I doing? Is this what i’m place on Earth to do?” (Btw, having an Epithamy and a couple weights over your head is NOT a good idea, It nearly caved in my skull) I mean seriously…Is this what i’m really going to do when i’m outta Highschool? What if I fail? What if I have a hugh losing streak? What if they ignore my talents? I’ve been training for awhile, my striking is especially excellent, Should I enter in an Amature Competition? (I’m 5`8 and 150 pounds, I’m trying to gain like…20 more pounds, get up to 170 or maybe even 180 if I grow alil more,…i’m only 18 so who knows?) Whats really holding me back? (Well,yeah Highschool)

So my question to you guys is this, To all the Aspiring Boxers, MMA Fighters, Bodybuilders, Powerlifters, ect., Are you guys going through with your dreams? You doing something about it? I wanna be like my idol Mirko Crocop Filipovic, but right now,I have no idea what im going to do and even if I do, I dont know whats the next step.

Your next step is to put your neck out and try all of the things you want to try. If I’m gonna screw up I’m gonna screw up huge!

I’m 28 and still young, so each day I try to do new things that can help me gain powerful experiances in lifting, life, ect…

Don’t be afraid to screw up, but make sure if you do screw up you learn from all your mistakes.

The key to living your dreams is to have them match your talents. This is especially necessary if you have lofty dreams.

Btw, what is an epithamy and who the hell is this hugh that made the mistake? This has me confused.


Yeah, definitely don’t neglect your studies, mainly English.