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Pride Not Hide, Let's Talk


Hi All

I�??m going to try to start a random discussion each working day just for the hell of it, yesterday we let the skeletons out of the closet today it�??s all about you.

Lets face it we all work out to either

Fulfil our maximum potential as a human,
Purely for vanity reasons (10ft mirrors in the bedroom),
To get a strong as an ox (and in some cases look like an ox),
Or just to be healthy (hee hee).

So on that note what is your Pièce de résistance in our muscle building world. I want you to say in relation to yourself because lets face it there will always be someone bigger, better, stronger.

Do you feel that weight to strength ratio you�??re a beast at the military press or that when you walk in the gym people hear your thunder because you have mammoth calves. Can you do 500 push ups using just your little pinky or are you a beginner that has put on a few pounds.

Remember I�??m merely asking what YOU are most proud of, not whether you�??ll get flamed because your standards don�??t match expectations.

Please note, flaming the OP is completely forbidden because I will cry uncontrollably and steal a babies lollipop


The size of my pectoidius maximus and the lesser fractalius muscle insertions on my left side.


you know why that is, you obviously type right handed and jack off with your left hand


Could be right there, but I always try the "99-change hands" method!


what am i most proud of? back thickness and trap development.


im proud of shutting up and lifting, and finally making progress. im proud that ive learned something and my past training while not (stupidly) eating enough was not TOTALLY wasted because i won a powerlifting competition at our university in my weight class recently. im proud i eat more than all my friends, because i know i wanna be bigger and better than them


I am proud of the progress I have made and I am proud of the fact I'm not like a headless chicken who runs around doing everything blindly. I know my body and I know what has been working for me.

I get criticized sometimes for beleiving in methods like Darden's... but well.. hey.. to each his own. I'm proud that I can remain an individual.


I'm proud that I've reached a level where I am one of the go-to guys in my gym for advice.

I'm proud that I have made so much recent progress that I get a "holy shit" reaction from someone almost every day.

I'm proud that I have passed the 210 mark, but I am in no way yet satisfied.


im proud that i take other people's pride, crush it like an empty can and kick it down a sewer drain.


i'm proud of my enormous penis.

cock push ups ftw =D



im proud of the girl i date


I'm proud to be an American, even though the fucking liberals are terribly close to turning us into a welfare nation.


I'm proud that I got over my fear of fat gain and that as a result, I've gone from 170lbs to 198lbs in the last 6 months with most of that gain being muscle.

I've never had abs and I know I won't for a long time now.


damn strait i'm with him!


I'm proud of my victory in my first sanctioned boxing match, which I won through terrible back pain - thank god the the fight only lasted 56 seconds. I was 17 at the time.

I'm also glad I had the wisdom to stop training after the fight and finally go and correct the muscle imbalance, soft tissue damage and spinal misalignment which caused my back pain.

It's been about a year (almost exactly) and even though its been excruciating not to train (nearly unbearable at times - particularly with the some of the emotional stuff i gone through in the past year), I'm almost ready to go back now and I know I'll be unstoppable once I"m back.


Nice accomplishments everyone. Except Polish Rifle, because you didn't make the liberals that are making America into a welfare nation...or something. Lol

I'm personally proud that I found T-Nation, and that I am smart enough to understand that I don't know shit about weightlifting. But I'm still going to be the best at my school.


I was proud of where I was, but injury and busy schedule with football limited my lifting. I'll be proud of myself again when I'm about 25 pounds heavier.


im proud of the tits in your avatar. but im disapointed that im not suckling them.


she looks like my ex, but even fitter. she was a H cup...christ i enjoyed those.


I am proud that I banged a girl that spoke nearly no English last night and it was still an amazing time.