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Pride: Hunt vs Silva - Stomping?



If you pay attention when it gets to the 1.02 minute mark you can see Hunt attempt to stomp Silva.

I didn't know that was allowed?


Stomps were legal in PRIDE. So were knees to the head of a downed opponent (except in some heavyweight matches). Elbows were not allowed.


There was a ton of stomping in Pride. I think the Chute Boxe guys drill it in training.


Pride rules were awesome. Soccer kicks, face stomps, and knees to a grounded opponent FTW.


How the hell no one has died in Pride is beyond me.

I guess professional MMA fighters are thick skulled.

I have to say that although Silva wasn't as good then as he is now, i'm impressed with Hunt who kickboxes at 230 at 5'10" and is still able to neutralize Silva.

EDIT: i guess i'm going to have to download a lot of Pride fights.

From what i've seen its better than a lot of the UFC stuff. Like the Cro Cop and Bas Rutten fights.


Pride was the shit.

Bas never competed in Pride, but he was a commentator for most of the events. And man does he have some great lines.

I watched Pride 15 last night, that was a great show. You know, back when Heath Herring was good.


Yup. We actually drilled several combinations of it. Like a low right thai kick, clear leg, stop with left foot, drop right knee, secure mount. And when we drilled, WE DRILLED, i mean JUST THAT for like 45min.

Pride was the fucking best. I completely understand though for saftey purposes the lack of stomps. Knee's on the ground though? I like those better than elbows. But personally I would prefer to have both (and stomps why the fuck not). The more tools you give the athlete the better imo.

Also the yellowcard rule is fucking genius. It's one thing to give knockout/tapout of the night incentives like the UFC (you get like a 10-30k bonus or something). But if you don't push the pace they might TAKE 10k away from your prize purse? Dude lol if the ref gives you a warning you fucking PUSH.

That and a ridiculous talent pool (and properly building up fighters by having them fight tomato can's lol) made PrideFC fucking legendary. Even now if you watch it on FSN it makes the UFC look elementary. The production level was just higher and didn't have the "XTREME SUBCULTURE NEVERBACKDOWN" air to it.

Unfortunately, thats what the fight game is now. But at least there is a fight game. I like what Dana White said, "stupid motherfuckers half this fucking shit is fucking smoke and fucking mirrors...fuck.". So honestly i DON"T know what it takes to run a successful MMA org (especially in the united states marketing mix is vastly different from japan). Zuffa is doing SOMETHING right.


I edited my post..to include Pancrase, bloody forum!

Bas is great in Pancrase. And he has carved a nice little career out of being a comentator, very funny and intelligent guy.


I think its because of the Ultimate Fighter series(if i understand what you meant by your post-i don't know much about the UFC and Zuffa).

Can anyone recommend some Pride or Pancrase fights?


it just might be because of the series, and i think dana (as bad as it seems) handles fighters right. he doesn't let them think they're bigger than the sport. there's too many variables involved in fighting for the shit to be hinged on just ONE guy. The boxing model won't work.

pride fights?


go to dailymotion.com you can watch full length pride bouts there


Pride's rules made those fights GREAT to watch. But I also second the thought that I have no idea how no one died, or lost their hearing, or vision in one or both eyes, or got permanently disfigured for all that kicking, stomping and kneeing the heads of downed opponents.


Silva vs rampage 1 and 2
Filho vs Akira Shoji
Shogun vs Kanehara
Renzo Gracie vs Oyama

those are a few off the top of my head, the shogun fight and both the rampage vs silva fights are great examples of PRIDE


Sakuraba vs Arona
Sakuraba vs Schembri
Silva vs Kondo
Shogun vs Cyrille Diabate

hmmm..not only do I like Pride rules better, imho, I like how the ref hesitates to stop the fight towards the end, and gives it that extra second or 2 of punishment. Am I sick?


The best Pride fight is from the 2000 GP final. Mark Coleman vs the ring.


PRIDE FC was indeed the shit..

10 minute rounds, Yellow cards Knees, stomps
ah good times, I would love to see Knees on a downed opponent, vs elbows. Kind of kills
weak take downs.

And the production values where Incredible..
I work in television and they made it a scene.

I love some of the very old old PRIDE
fights Sakuraba vs Newton classic grappling.
Hendo vs Silva
Silva vs Arona 1 and 2
Crocop vs Fedor
and any of the Grand Prix.
all great fights.

the one fucked up thing about pride it was kind of shady.. crazy matchups fixed fights
(shamrock vs Sakuraba)
Murillo Rua vs Quentin Jackson comes to mind as one of the strangest ones
and yes Sakuraba I love to hug his nuts, but
the judges really liked him.

Pride was indeed the shit.



Like when Cro Cop kept punching Aleksander in the neck after his LHK? I kept thinking "damn ref, you can step in anytime now."


nog v sapp. how did he not die? because nog is a terminator from Brazil. the reason the ufc is so successful now is it being on Spike weekly.


I liked knees to a downed opponent, but the stomps and soccer kicks got a little scary. If Hunt would have landed that things would have been bad.

My ideal rule set would be in the cage with elbows and knees to a downed opponent. No soccer kicks or stomps. The only time people really got soccer kicked or stomped was when they were in a lot of trouble to begin with and finishing with a weapon like that was unnecessarily dangerous to the fighters.

Just my 2 cents.


lol...i checked out that site you suggested-the clips only last 5 mintes at most. But its okay i found another one where you can download pretty much all the UFC, Pride and Pancrase(which i like most) fights.

I also feel i learn a lot from watching not just the fights but the interviews the fighters give.

Very good point, you Americans do have a network that has a regular slot dedicated to the UFC!

I guess that says a lot about MMA...it is a no nonsense sport.

Anyway thanks for all the suggestions.


A hint on downloading pride fights

Go to Google

type in the name of a fighter + "rapidshare" or "megaupload"

if you have a hard time finding a fight, go to megadownload.net which is a site that seraches rapidshare and MU for you

Props to T-Nation which taught me this method

My recommended fights, some of which have been listed:

Sapp vs Nogueira - Nogueira is the toughest man alive as Sapp does things to him that should be i

Frye vs Takayama - insane brawl