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I've seen this before, awesome video. I was watching Pride fc: Return of the Warriors and man am I glad they implemented the yellow card for stalling. The Vitor vs. Matsui fight and even the Renzo vs. Sakuraba fight had about 1 minute each of entertainment followed by the most boring display of lay and pray I've ever seen. Pride pre yellow card days seriously sucked IMO. Pride post yellow card = fantastic.


Yellow cards rule. I watched that Vitor fight yesterday, coincidentally, and it was utterly dull. Yvel vs Goodridge, Igor vs Enson, and Silva vs Mezger are all great matches, though.


Silva Mezger made that Pride. I watched it yesterday too lol. (Just got Netflix). I feel bad for Mezger, he coulda been awesome, but a few tough losses and a stroke and he's outta the game.

What happened with Shammy/Fujita?? I've read that Shamrock was having palpitations or something and that's why he threw in the towel? That sucks because he was on the way to doing what nobody's done which is knock out Fujita!


Yea, he thought his heart was going to explode. I don't know the whole story, but that was during his pro wrestling days when he was ginormous. I don't know if he was on any chemicals that would have caused that or he had just completely slacked in his cardio work.


Ah. Probably a combination of the 2. I think he admitted to using during his WWF days. I wouldn't be surprised if he was on now either, he's still more ripped than a lot of LHWs.


It may have been amphetamine.


The vid is awesome!
It really captures the essence and emotion of that sport, thanks a lot!


Great vid!
Was that Fedor getting dropped at the end? Did he actually feel the pain, only to have it anger him and make him stronger?


Robots don't feel emotion.


Yes it was. And yes he gets an armlock right after that showing no pain at all.
Pride is full of freaks


Good stuff. That last slam looked deadly.



Here's the infamous Randleplex, and Fedor shaking it off and getting the Kimura.



Makes me wanna get back again.

Clubbed to death...so appropriate and one of the greatest tunes ever.

Who was sining over it?

Gotta send this link to my friend. Makes you really appreciate what warriors these guys are. As they say, win or lose, to step into the ring makes you a man apart.


Best Pride video I've seen, no doubt about it.


I have just watched 2 hours of Fedor fights, and he actually changed his facial expression once. This makes the idea that he is a robot just silly -clearly he is a cyborg.


Although I tend to agree with your analysis, it is also possible that it was was a program enhancement to throw people off.



Seen you guys post ufc video links and stuff, thought you may like this one as well. Check back later



Was that when Alex lost to CroCop? That's the only emotion change I can remember seeing from him.


Also when he gave Josh Barnett the thumbs down. That was semi emotion, perhaps after his last emotion chip upgrade.