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Pride 31 Shogun vs Coleman


WTF happened to Shogun's arm? Jeeeeeeeez.
That looked like a fairly innocent fall.


did you see when Coleman picked him up and slammed him? What hit first: his hand to stop his fall or his back?


I wouldn't really term that one a slam...Shogun just fell weird, it he had posted on his forearm, the fight would've continued and I have a pretty good feeling Coleman would've been submitted...I was hoping Coleman would pull out a victory, however, I wish they would've shown the post-fight brawl in its entirety.


Yea and after he screwed up his arm he had this to say.

"I did that to him....it was no accident...remember my name...I'm the hammer"

Now granted i couldn't see what happened after the fight when all hell broke lose between ChuteBox and Hammer House but breaking the guys arm seems extreme.

Anyone able to figure out the aftermath?


to me it looked like wandy jumped into the ring after the fight and had words with coleman, since he didn't stop when the ref called the fight.....looks like ninja(shogun's older brother) comes in and throws a punch at coleman then phil baroni takes silva down and holds onto his legs....and just a big melee breaks out between the two camps...

i hope silva fights baroni or coleman...

i know baroni had some comments after the fight about how he's from NY so he knows how to fight blah blah...

imo silva would own them both....shogun would too other than that freak accident, cuz he looked to be in control.


if he said that its probably just to cause the kind of drama the sport likes especially in japan.

otherwise, I hope he fights silva and silva doesn't stop kneein him when he's unconcious and lets audience members knee him too. I'll be there to deliver a few to his face...fuck.


Exactly, I've seen plenty of people get slammed like that and land on their elbows and be totally fine. He must have landed very strangely for that to have happened.


Here is a decent article about Coleman:



nice article!


I am not sure what the American version showed, but the Japanese telecast showed a bit. PM me to see it.



Yeah his comments after the fight have made me lose respect for him.



On MMA forums there are vids posted by viewers in the audience who had their cams on.

For those who didnt see it heres what transpired:

Coleman was still in rage and didnt understand why the ref stopped the fight he didnt see the arm pop out of the socket, he actually tossed the ref aside and wanted to take a few more swings at Shogun, that is when Shogun brother Ninja came in and started trading words with Coleman, before sucker punching him, thats when all hell broke out.

Staff and refs dragged coleman back to his corner as the entire chute box team went after him, heck Wanderli silva came out of the crowd and went at Coleman, but he got tackled by phil baroni and fell a step away from Coleman, who proceeded to crush silva under his foot. Then this trainer from chute boxe punched coleman, and as they were seperating colemans dad pulled baroni off, but Baroni before escaping silva's lame triangle attempt took a good swing at him.

Later Pride staff got it under control and fined the chute box academy. Coleman went back to the locker room and apparently Chute box met him, baroni and quinton jackson backstage and issued some sort of threat.


I liked Baroni during UFC 39 in CT, when he knocked out Dave Menne. But then he became popular and started talking all kinds of shit. He talks a lot and is not capable of backing it up with his fighting skills.

Silva would take both of them, no problem.



Chute box has no respect Coleman did nothing to Rua after the ref tried to tackle him, he just didnt realize what the ref was doing or why. Some one said that he thought if it kept going coleman would have gotten subb'd B/C it looked like rua was in control? you must be joking he didnt even touch Coleman other then getting taken down.

You guys need to quit hugging Chute boxes nuts. Coleman / Hammer house did nothing wrong chute box is just horribly unsportsmanlike and need to lay off the special supplements. They must be on something good b/c you barely ever see that B/S happen and when it does they are usually involved.


I've known people who have met and even trained with the guys from Chute Box and they all say the same thing. "Those are really cool guys!"

From those who have met Baroni and company I've heard... it wasn't positive.

Chute Box acted to protect their helpless brother/friend/training partner from being mauled. Coleman didn't understand??? This from a guy who has been fighting for... hell forever. And he can't understand a ref telling him to get away? Please. Its called passing the torch. He was just pissed because his career is over, should have been over years ago. Let him fight Wand and his career will be over for good.


Hey im from NY.....guess what? Special fighting techniques from the gods of the Empire State WERE NOT endowed upon me nor are there rampant street fights.


Baroni shouldn't be talking smack after releasing that RIDICULOUS lifting video where parades around in daisy duke shorts.


So since other people said silva and rua are nice and mark is mean you believe it. I like people like you you believe anything your told that you want to believe.Well i believe all fighters are cocky to one degree or another but to cause a brawl b/c there friend /buddy /training partner is defenseless Fuck that. I love how you say that you know people that have trained with so and so and they told me this that and the other thing to me it sounds like you say What i know =< shit he said she said they said to me so i believe it WTF ever i have met coleman + randleman they were very nice drunk some beer with randleman that doesnt mean i think they are better people then silva or rua i do believe that silva and rua were very wrong in there actions. And yes i do think coleman didnt realize it was over if you have ever been in a fight and had a huge adrenaline rush and some one tries to stop it you would know what i mean. The fact is he didnt even touch rua after the ref stopped him so that makes the defense of their defenseless comrade a bunch of bull shit.