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Prices! Holy Crap!


Holy Crap!!

I was going to buy some IGF-1 from the usual trusted source and the price has more than doubled! Christ from $90 bucks to $225! I am assuming this is b/c the crack down in the US but damn. Too rich for my blood these days!


I just looked up the two most common research chemical sources, I don't think it has to do with US crack down since igf isn't a steroid and I'm pretty sure they don't crack down on research chemicals.

The other source has a backorder of IGF right now. I think its just your source trying to make profit while the other common one-and prob others- are having a shortage. Prices fluctuate give it some time and see what happens, though IGF is generally really expensive when compared to normal steroids.

Edit: It wouldn't be surprising if prices of research chemicals did raise. Since most good sources-for steroids- are heavily backed up and international orders are very hard to get now-due to all this crap-. So now they are just trying to get something from research chemicals, and companies are taking advantage of that.


Soon you're going to have to reconsolidate your loans and take out a second mortgage just to buy a cycle's worth.

I already sold my car for a vial of Test, and my dignity for some SERMs.


haha damn now I have to go to plan B:

Mug the mexican pharmacias then make a break for the cruise ship and hide on board.


Yes, I realized this earlier in the week when I went to place an order for my next round of IGF-1. I searched around on some other popular forums and found a site offering 1000mg in the $130-$150 range, but they seem very new and who's to say what level of quality product they're offering. I'd like to stay with our tried and true source, but $225 for IGF-1 is out of control. It's just not worth that much, IMHO. Haven't decided whether or not to take a chance on the new guys yet...


yea man I know what you mean. I think I may take my chances with the new guys! well even if it's weaker I could still run 2 cycles for the price of the old guys igf!


I wonder if all the cheap igf wasn't coming from a chinese manufacturer that got shut down during all the busts. Rainjack should know.


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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


You've also got to consider that most suppliers of IGF-1 and other research chems were the same suppliers of the AAS. They bust companies selling AAS powders, and in doing so they lower the supply of research chems as well. Supply and demand.

I will be using the cheaper chem companies if I decide to use peptides. It's worth it for me to try the cheaper stuff and potentially lose some money, and potentially save a lot more in the long run. Plus, given enough time, I'm sure there will be people reporting on the quality of the new guys. Wait a couple months and see what others say.


IGF prices have tripled on the supply side - if you can find IGF supply anywhere.

Raw powders, if you can find them, have also skyrocketed.

If a certain company sold IGF for what it used to - they would actually be losing $100/mg on the stock they are currently selling.

We are not trying to profiteer - but we do have to make a profit.

Once supply loosens up, costs will come down and prices will adjust.

My God - we just came through Raw Deal, and some of you act like you are owed the same price for IGF as it was before anyone was carted off.


Would it be safe to assume that IGF use and demand is also on the rise? Not only in elite BB and PL circles but especially with average AAS users. With all the positive experiences many new users are having with IGF I would suspect the demand to become rather high.

I didn't even consider the effects of raw deal or the increase in chinese powder prices to have caused the price increases. I simply thought that because so many people were now using/experimenting with IGF that the demand was skyrocketing.


I may be wrong on this, but I honestly think once the '08 Olympics in Beijing come and go, there will be a great deal less pressure on Chinese suppliers, and thus prices will drop.

It's not uncommon for host nations to boost their efforts to suppress crime dramatically before the games.

Then again, maybe I'm just being too optimistic.


When I first saw the prices I was assuming that it was supply and demand acting on your prices not so much as the raw costs. However Bushi brought up some good points along with your insight so it makes sense why the prices went up.

I don't think anyone thought we were owed anything from your company, rather with the current prices it is out of reach for many now.


We have been getting a bunch of emails from people that think they are owed.

We are not seeing that much more demand. Our price increase is soley due to cost and scarcity.

Just like gasoline prices, we have to assign a retail price based on the how much it will cost us to replace the last unit sold, plus some profit.


Oh well those people are being dumb asses.


Lucky me. I got mine right before prices went up:D My only regret is that I didn't get more.


That's funny. I was going to say,"like dumbasses who complain to gas stations for raising the price of gas" before I saw the end of your post. You just have to ignore most people like that and let it slide right off.