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Prices at your American Nutrition store

I’m going to be in Minnesota visiting my family for a couple weeks, and I need to purchase some supplements. I was wondering what kind of prices you have on Biotest stuff like LC Grow and Mag-10. Thanks man.

Hey Brent. Since you are a new customer, I can sell you Mag-10 for $65 and Low Carb Grow for $29. Let me know if you are interested and what you will want to pick up so I can make sure I have it on hand for you. Thanks.

Thanks for replying. I want to get one bottle of Mag-10 and 1 tub of Vanilla LC Grow. I’ll be coming in on Saturday night. What time is your store open till and what is the address? My plane lands at 6, and I’ll be coming straight from the airport to the store. Thanks again man.

Hey whats up this is Tony Zappa. Hows the new store going? I can’t wait till I can get in there and spend a pay check or two.

Brent- My store hours on Saturday are 11-5pm. I’m closed on sunday. Monday 11-8pm, Tuesday 11-4. My address is 1230 East Moore Lake Drive in Fridley, next to Northwest Athletic Club. Call me at 763-574-2254 with any questions. Tony Zappa! Holy shit I thought you skipped town until your girlfriend came in about a month ago. I hope everything is going well. Have a great Christmas and come see the new shop when you have time or are in the area.

Scott, I’m going to have my brother come up to the store on Saturday during the day some time to pick up the Mag-10 and Vanilla LC Grow. Do you think you could have it ready, so I can just have hime tell you he’s getting Brent Nelson’s order, so I don’t have to explain to him what I want? Thanks for all your help.


Give Sig a call at 763-574-2254. Great Guy and my supplier. - Griffin