Price of Testosterone increasing?

Has anyone noticed increasing cost when buying testosterone without insurance. I use GoodRx. When if first started TRT, 10 weeks or a 10ml vial would cost me around 34 dollars, then it gradually went up to 36, and then up to around 42-45. Yesterday my 10ml vial cost 58 dollars. Still reasonable but i wonder if this trend will continue.

My “sports” medicine doctor also has been increasing prices, unfortunately. Use to be 175 for a check up, then 200, now its 245.

You would think increased demand would drive costs down.

No. Still $13 for 4 1mL vials

My compounded test has been steady in pricing it seems.


Still $7-10 a vial :face_holding_back_tears:

Increased demand usually leads to higher prices, no?

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It’s more complicated than that. Competition leads to lower prices. Now if compounding pharmacies are hit with regulations that make it costlier to compound something, prices naturally increase.

Yes, you are correct that changes to supply side impact price, but demand going up does not mean prices go down. The opposite is what happens.

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I ask my pharmacy to go through their list of brands at each refill and give me the lowest priced 10 mL vial (sometimes requires waiting a few days for the product to arrive). Which brand is cheaper seems to change each time I go.

My last refill in April was $44 for a 10 mL via (200 mg/mL)