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Price of Protein


I was doing some calculations and thought I would post my results.

Chicken breast average $2.99lb
5lb Whey Protein high $25.99can

3oz Chicken breast = 21g
1 servin Whey Pro. = 20g

1lbCB/3oz = 5.34

5lbwp/1 serv. = 72
72*20g = 1440, 1440/21 = 68servings of 21g of protein

$2.99(price)/5.34(number of servings)= 56c a servings

$25.99(price)/68(servings) = 39c a serving.

basically whey is a cheaper source of protein than chicken. Just something for the Mrs. when she complains about my protein shake.



That is interesting.

My arguement is: my mom buys chicken.
I have to buy suppliments.


Now replace chicken with beef for me and do the calculations.


What are you paying for beef?
$1.99/lb= 49 cents a serving
take anything and with basic math you can find out what it's costing you for what you want.
I buy ground turkey because it's cheap and comes to about 31cents a serving, plus it's a little leaner than regular ground beef.
I just thought whey protein being cheaper, for the protein, just plain interesting. I'd much rather have a steak.


Ive done similar calculations. My problem is the cheap sources are not something id like to eat alot of. Give me chicken or beef anyday. Cheap whey.... one or two times a day tops. Especially if im drinking it with water.

Id love to eat beef 4 meals a day, but having half a dead cow in the fridge/freezer at any one time is just a source of fights where i live.


You should also figure in that whey is usually a much lower quality source of protein.


I do not doubt you are correct. An explanation would be informative.


Along with beef I will suggest Tuna. Doesn't get any cheaper than tuna.


that's why I feed my chickens whey

instead of other chickens

keeps the bird flu at bay


Thank you very much, I find this both interesting and VERY useful. I very much like this post.