Price Of Doctor Prescribed Testosterone Injections

Does anyone know the average price of weekly doctor prescribed test. injections?

I’m sure it’s dependent on various factors, but I’m looking for a general estimate.

A box of 3 preloaded syringe of Schering Primoteston Depot 250mg 1ml cost 22 USD (in australia). That price is for a private script, full price, out of your own pocket.
Most doctor prescribe 1 injection every 2 weeks, around 100mg or so per week. Based on this schedule, it will cost you 3.67 USD per week, plus the cost of 2 swabs for every injection, a grand total of 3.7 USD per week.

125-188 USD for a 10mL vial of test enanthate that is delivered to your doctor’s office for his measly weekly admin.

If your doctor writes you a script. Cypionate is sold for $96, 10ml vial, dosed at 200mg/ml. At least in my neck of the woods.

the main problem with buying test from a doctor isnt the price ,its just that he probably will refuse to give you a 500-750mg dose every week and may try and give you 100-200mg which isnt great for building muscle so its better to acquire your own

For one vial of Test Eth (10ml vial, dosed at 200mg/ml) I pay around $64. I can’t remember the specific price but it’s around there. Unfortunately I’m stuck at the dose of 100mg/wk…the only benefit is that a vial last a long time…

Out of interest, which of those who have posted above actually use cycles of higher dose AAS (and other Steroids other than Test) amongst cycles of ‘cruising’ with just their TRT dose (whether that is 100mg/wk or 400mg/wk)?


$110.00 for a 10ml bottle of test cyp from Schering. I pay $10.00 (copay).

[quote] Brook wrote:
Out of interest, which of those who have posted above actually use cycles of higher dose AAS (and other Steroids other than Test) amongst cycles of ‘cruising’ with just their TRT dose (whether that is 100mg/wk or 400mg/wk)?


Eventually I will reach the point where I cycle and cruise on my TRT dose. Unfortunately I will have no first hand PCT experience to share with others.

I won’t run a cycle until my TRT level has been 100% determined. I am still doing blood work with my doc and I wait months for another appointment. Even after my TRT dose is determined I may wait a year or so to see how my body responds to normal test levels. I am eager to cycle so I can ‘catch up’, considering I have been training with low test for so long.

I am only 20 and have been on TRT for a few months now. I may not wait until I am 21 to run a cycle considering I cannot destabilize my natural test levels. If I am already on TRT it won’t make a difference to use 100mg/wk or 500mg/wk, other than the increased use of receptors.

Game Time,

You use the tripod of test, AI & HCG??

[quote]Dynamo Hum wrote:
Game Time,

You use the tripod of test, AI & HCG??[/quote]

I do not…my doc is set in his ways and cannot be convinced otherwise. According to his point of view: An AI is never used, they are for the sole purpose of treating breast cancer. If you experience estrogen symptoms your test dose is to high, therefore will be reduced. HCG is only used when coming off TRT (if I want to have kids).

Luckily I have not run into any problems with estrogen sides. I’ve ordered Adex just to be safe and will run it if side affects begin to appear. I will be able to find a new doctor in a year, hopefully they will be open to the use of HCG. I may self prescribe HGC if I can find a reliable source.

Thankyou for sharing GT - anyone else?

Yes, I think it would be a good idea to self medicate with HCG to avoid permanent testicular atrophy. 250IU EOD or at least twice a week. Good that you ordered the Adex too. Use libido as a reference point for the need to use Adex. If libido is high, chances are E2 in in check. If not, things can improve with Adex. Blood tests aiming at low 20’s pg/ml is a good indictator too.

I have read of others who have ran long cycles (year plus), used no HCG and had a relatively smooth recovery. Do you think I should make running HCG a priority regardless? My main question is, how detrimental would long term TRT without HCG be? If I did not run HCG would it reduce my chances of having children (HCG stimulates the testes but does it affect sperm production)? I do not want to limit my chances of having children due to poor decision making.

For a good explanation of this issue, try KSman. I am quite sure that he will recommend HCG strongly. Check out the over 35 lifter forum. I am sure there are lots of threads about the pros and cons of HCG use with TRT.


I think in that case, DH is correct.
For those just interested in TRT and not using AAS for performance and physique enhancement goals - then the over-35 forum is where the brunt of your knowledge of interest will be.

10ml 200mg/ml text cyp - Watson’s, around $100 in typical pharmacies. Costs around $42 at Sam’s Club with a business membership. Reported similar costs at Costco with a basic membership.