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Price for VO2 Max Testing

Hey Guys - Since a lot of you are in school or work in the fitness industry, I was wondering what a VO2max test costs where your at. Please let me know the cost, what comes with the test, etc. The more detail the better. I just want to know the prices for direct testing (gas analysis) not estimated stuff. Thanks!

I got my masters in Exercise Physiology at the University of Maryland. Usually in that department there were 1 or 2 students who really knew how to administer the test well, and would do it for $50 or so. The best way to get it done though is to find a study at a school near you where they need subjects for a study. This way you can get it done for free, and sometimes they’ll even pay you. You just have to check and see what the intervention is and whether or not you’d be willing to go through with it, but you could luck out and get in a control group anyway.

Any body else with information?


Jason Norcross