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Preworkout Glycemic Index

Immediatley prior to working out is it a better idea to consume low GI carbs or high GI carbs? & How much?

Please explain your choice along with results you have obtained from each method.

Once again very goal/individaul dependent.

As far as immediate, how immediate are we talking here. If we are talking right befor you will not catch me taking in low GI carbs then. This usually means some amount of fiber, which means full belly, which slows Phill and could make sick.

Right now for example I am bulking. So I get up have a nice big P+C meal with varied carb sources. Then 2 hrs later slam my Power Drive. Wait a half hr and hit the weights. I have a serving of Surge that I take a nice drink of before begining and sip during usually finishing it about half way through.

The meal gets me going for the day and upcoming w/o, Power Drive get me up even more and focused for the start of the w/o, and then the carbs in the Surge kick in and allow me to finish strong and curb that catabolism.

There you go. That is my personal pre/during w/o carb/food/supp. run down. Once again just what I find works great for me. That is until I find the next little tweak that makes yet another tad of a bit of difference.

Experiment, learn and progress.

Hope this helps,