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Preworkout caffeine

Does anyone here supplement caffeine pre-workout? I am curious as to what may be a healthy and helpful amount?Assuming there is a healthy or helpful amount.
Thanks guys.

I use 600mg and PowerDrive before most of my lifting sessions.

i’m not even getting into the healthy not healthy debate…
take as much as you need, and take as part of a planned cycle so you aren’t on the stuff 365 days a year.
Personally take 200mg pre cardio (as part of a fat burner) in the am, and 200mg pre weights in the afternoon pre weights with tyrosine. also have a coffee or diet coke during the day.
200mg 30mins pre workout is pretty standard but studies have been done using up to 10mg per kg of body weight (ie 1g fora 220lb person). that is a lot of caffeine.
leathal dose is around 10grams apparently…hmm 125 redbulls…
seriously, take a record of how it feels with progressive doses and find out what works for you. try with tyrosine, ephedrine, powerdrive etc as the synergy is quite good. also try taking various forms (gurana, green tea etc). $0.02

I only have 2 cups of coffee per day, upon rising and approx 30 mins pre workout. In fact I’m supping my pre workout one now.

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I usually take a couple of ephedra/caffeine caps before I hit the weights. Since I workout at 5:30am, I figure it’ll give me a jumpstart.

However, I usually skip the ephedra on cardio days. Not that I worry about the ephedra/body heat issue, but I just figure a cup of coffee is enough before I go and run my ass off.

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