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Preworkout Boost Help

I tried N.O. Xplode, that tore my stomach up and the caffeine gave me a terrible headache. It gave me a terrible stomache ache the whole day. I’m not a big fan of it. I’m definitely an advocate of a good nights sleep. I can get the most out of my workout with a full nights sleep (duh). I used to do my cardio in the morning before I ate but that just made it that much harder. I found I need a good breakfast to be truly motivated. But there are times that I do need that extra boost. Are their any good pre-workout supplements that don’t have caffeine? Maybe you know of one for a girl that doesn’t have an iron stomach? ha. Thanks

Caffeine-Free Spike. Click the store link.


Thanks a lot! I just looked into that. Its definitely what I’m looking for.

Power Drive

wait crap i think it contains caffeine. good anyway.

Mod Note: Power Drive does NOT contain caffeine.