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PreWO Nutrition-How Long Before W/O?


I have always strived to eat sixty minutes before a workout, recently I began giving myself 90-100 minutes between eating and training. How long of a period do you folks take between eating and hitting the iron??

Has anyone noticed any difference/gains taking around 20g WP preworkout? Some say your body can only benefit from whey postworkout, although some people also say that your body can only use 25g of protein in a sitting.

Thanks in advance for any feedback!


To answer your question dead on, it depends on what you eat. If its something really heavy or contains a large amount of fats then no, i.e peanut butter, milk, it'll not benefit you.

Now, if you eat something say like a turkey sandwich on wheat bread which is animal proteins, and high index carbs then it'll actually prove beneficial to working out because you'll have extra gas in your tank near the end of the workout.

Now for the downside, if you do that same thought process when trying to cut weight it'll actually be working aginest you in the sense that you'll never deplete your glucose supplies and hence will never burn fat if you do cardio after you workout. But for strength snacking before you lift can help alot.

As far as how much protein you can actively eat at once it's largely programmed and body dependent from my experience. Example, I eat 4 meals aday with my 4th meal having as much as 100 grams of protein in it, the reason being is I pass out shortly after I eat and I don't want my body to starve while I'm sleeping,

the whole 25g thing is largely derived from using a 150lb guy and spreading out his body weight in protein over the course of all his meals, which ironically does not work to begin with seeing as how your amino and protein need is greatest after you workout and when you wake up in the morning.


Thanks for the response, I carb cycle so I'll generally have a carb heavy/low fat meal with chicken breast pre and an hour after my pwo shake. I was under the impression you want to have low gi carbs to sustain you throughout a workout, so I'll usually include a yam/sweet potato or black/pinto beans in my high carb meals. I also have 1-2 serving fruit in my preworkout meal to replenish glycogen.


Blah, your right lol. Drinking on my cheat day as I post isn't working out well lol.


Unless your training sessions are over and hour, chances are glycogen replenishment is rarely necessary....bcause you haven't depleted it. Some exceptions obviously(like possibly training on an empty stomach, but hopefully nobody does that). Also this is assuming we are discussing resistanc trainin and not cardiovascular work.

To answer your question, I gernally try to have a large meal about an hour before I train. Then I will either start eating again about halfway through (I tain @ home), or a will eat when I am finished.


I'm eating 30-40g of protein with a good carb 1.5-2 hrs before I train and 20 min before training I load up my supps. Works flawlessly for me


I definitely feel the difference if I don't have solid food within two hours of lifting, I feel like crap and have a hard time getting pumped. I never have difficulty reaching my macro requirements for protein, infact by the end of the day I'm generally limiting my intake.

I eat at least 240g of protein daily (40g of which are from WP) with the exception of high CHO days. Would it be worth trying substituting some of my daily protein with whey?