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How does one psychologically deal with a mass building phase after we spent so much effort cutting calories and working our asses off stripping body fat off?

I am going to be slowing down my training as per Charles Staley’s suggestion for a few weeks and then get back at it. I have about 5% more to go before I hit single digits and then I want to start bulking but I have been thinking about it and holy crap! It’s scaring the hell out of me frankly…to add more fat? Am I nuts?


Heh…that’s the part I’m looking forwards to. I still have about 3 months more (estimated) to get down to the BF% I want before starting to bulk. The psychologically difficult part for me is holding off on eating the extra calories until then, I love to eat and eat big. A little BF doesn’t bother me in the least, I just want to try to keep it under 18%. Its the very ideal of getting to a bulking stage that keeps me motivated to stay on a cutting routine/diet.

And just make sure you do as many articles on this site recommends. Don’t suddenly increase your caloric load following the cutting phase. Gradually add more calories to your diet(about 250 more) and gauge your response before further increasing it. That way you can find a level at which you can add LBM while minimizing BF gains.

Hope this helps a little.


Former fattie here as well. Currently on month 5 of my first very successfull bulk since dropping all the lBS of blubber.

Here is an excerpt from a previous post of mine that went into how I lost the weight and such (Thread = You asked 4 it (fat loss 4 fatties) ) Or something like that.

This is just the part that talks about how I personally went about transitioning to the point I am now. Being able to bulk LONG term with great results.

Here you go=[quote]

A food log at this point is a must. Slowly transition to full blown T-dawg, and spend this time finding your maint. K/cal level. Knowing this level is I feel one of the most helpful #?s anyone can learn about themselves. If you know this you have the power in your hand to lose or gain as needed.

In short. Over the next year I simply took the time to log everything and learn. Bulk for a month. Cut for a month. Yes I am recommending that you yo-yo to your hearts content. Now I don?t recommend this to anyone wanting to make great positive gains in LBM and physique, for that the yo-yo approach is very over rated. For someone who has been a fatty though this learning is a must. The more you do this the better you will know yourself, and you will learn that losing fat is a breeze. Take as much time as needed. It is a long life, and this is no short fix but a life style change. I did this for over a year.

After I became comfortable with the fact that I had the ability to lose unwanted fat anytime I needed safely by returning to my WELL documented bulk/cut cycle diet I was able to begin the real fun. Time to play with carbs and see what I could do.

At this point simply pick a diet or amount of carbs and go. Give it a good run. Go for a month. If you get fat oh freaking well. YOU KNOW HOW TO LOSE IT.

The point I am trying to get at here is experiment. Have fun. Find what works for you. Gain a healthy relation ship with carbs and food in general. Learn to enjoy and look forward to real food. Good food. Whole food. Foods that make you look good nekid.

It is all about finding what works best for you. Everyone is different. I am just now making good progress in the gym again. This is due to all the time I spent perfecting my diet. I am now eating more carb than I ever dreamed of potatoes, rice, beans, squash, bread, pasta, all that and more. I am currently on a six week PH cycle bulk. Sure I will gain some fat. You simply have to to make muscle gains. But I am comfortable with that. I am now able to bulk and limit my fat gain, and if it gets out of hand and I put on god forbid well say 20lbs of greasy bubbly fat during a bulk. Screw it. I have the ability to lose it with no problem, and I will have learned from my latest dietary disaster.

Well I know there is a lot of detail not in here but this is the jest of it. Feel free to fire away with the ??s on direct issues. I just wanted to give an outline. To give every detail of the last 4yrs would take days, and page upon page of forumn space.

Time to go lift, kick my own A#$ in the gym and then enjoy my acorn squash, English muffin, veggies, and lean chicken breast. Gotta love those Bulks, even more when you are not afraid of being FAT ever again. (< you have to get this before any real progress will ever take place in the gym)

I hope this helps someone,
Phill [/quote]

Thats about it. I am still sure I missed a few things. Any ?'s dont hesitate and I can give what worked for ME*.

Hope that helps again, lol

Thanks guys. Now that I think about it I do know how to lose it.


hehe i was a fat basterd too when i was young, had the same weight as now 187 pounds 6"1’ but was fat :slight_smile:
started doing cardio, lost 20 pounds then started to rebuild everything with clean eating

now 187 pounds and 8% BF :d