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Preview of New Documentary



I really loved watching the other one, thanks for the heads up and great job on OVERKILL.


Awesome - thanks for the heads up. I take it the DVD will be available for purchase soon too?


"...most controversial bber..."
what makes him so controversial?


He stuck his wang in fruit for money.




lol that makes him 'interesting' not necessarily controversial.

Now, Steve Michalik, he was/is pretty controversial.


Fuck BB.com.


Why was this moved from the BB'ing forum?


wangs and grapefruit.


That's pretty much standard fare here. All we need now is someone asking HM if he wants to MMGf.


Looking forward to it Mike, let us know when it's out.

Did you do anything different with the ads in this documentary as opposed to the last one?


Yes, they are each only 30 seconds long and less of them.


The BB.com episodes are shortened versions of the documentary. The DVD will contain the complete version plus extras and will be available early September.


Like your documentaries but I'm not a fan of your voice for the narrative. Please hire Morgan Freeman


I meant more along the lines of taking a serious, more business like approach in the ads, rather than the over the top style with loud noises and flashing screens that you utilized before.


If I could I would!! LOL!


Not this time. Not for this series. There is barely enough time to get the documentary ready let alone re-doing the commercials. The best I could do was edit them down.


hi Mike,

this question maybe unrelated to your promo, but why at 0:53 to 0.:55 Kai was doing leg abductions?
is development this muscle (groups?) really important for him?
in my gym almost no man ever touch this machine.


This was part of a specialized workout to help with posing. It's very difficult to flex every muscle in your body and he outlines in REDEMPTION a training regimen to help with onstage presentation.