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Preview from Photoshoot

Just did a photoshoot, the actual pics wont be ready before a few days but here is a behind the scenes preview (that’s all I’ve got).

Was 197 at the shoot, starting point was 221. Best condition ever, even better than when I competed IMHO. Can’t wait to see the actual shots

That upper back and spinal erectors… So impressive coach, congratulations for your prep, Will you give some more details about your diet? What have you learnt the most during this prep?

I think it’s interesting how tapered and detailed the upper back has come out, how thick the traps and lower back lool and then how grainy/granite the arms have come up. You usually only see one of those across the entire physique. Congratulations, very impressive result - looking forward to the full shoot.

Great data point for all the 220lbs guys have 200lbs of LBM!