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Preventing Stretch Marks?


Someone mentioned them in another thread, was going to comment there... but is there anything that can be done to prevent them or alleviate them once there? I realise that they are a form of scarring, so difficult to get rid of. But, heck...


if you know tell me too. i am all marked up. looks like someone took a whip to my bicepts, and my lats. would tanning help? i don't see stretch marks on the pro's. they are all tanned up, or at least fake tanned to the max.


Stria atrophica and striae distensae (stretchmarks) are basically tears in the skin formed by torn or stretched out elastin. I don't know too much about prevention or removal or similar. I never had them luckily. Depends on your own elatin and collagen levels and what your diet is like and your own body.

Smoker's get them more readily as do boozers and those with nutritional defficiencies. You can use cocoa butter with vit E to rub onto them, which might work or also olive oil. Best possible prevention is probably good nutrition and supplentation and good skin care.


Actually, it depends much more on the rate of growth. If the elesticity of skin was the major issue, most guys into bodybuilding under the age of 30 would not have them. It indicates you grew quickly. If I didn't have any, I would assume I hadn't made much progress. Most bodybuilders do have them if they stand out in a crowd as having more muscle than average. I haven't met too many people who have that look who don't have any stretch marks at all. They would have had to either grow very slowly or not very much at all.


He knows what he is talking about.


Unless they are around the middle, wear em' like a badge :slight_smile:

Seriously, probably not easy to get rid of, but then again, why would you want too? Yeah, I might be an oddball, but the stretch marks that run between my upper bicep, over my shoulder and to my chest, kind of make me feel like I've been doing something right, hehe.

Basically, if I was prepping for a show, I'd just have them covered up or something with makeup, otherwise, wear em' proud!


i have them on bi's and back.
I read they were something to do with collagen levels in the skin and not everyone is prone to them. Im not overly concerned myself as once the purpleness has faded they go a skin colour anyway. The sun helps disguise them in addition to the vit E cream.
Just show em off.


Very true. They fade over time. Cocoa butter will not get rid of stretch marks. They are scars. I had very noticeable ones on my biceps and they have since blended to the point that they are much harder to see unless very close. I would think getting more sun would help them blend even more.


I was told by a surgeon who took care of a burn I got on my leg in serarate conversation that Stretch marks are not scars because they are not comprised of fibrotic tissue. Is this correct ?


I said it might work, probably doesn't, you can always get laser surgery.


IMO its pointless if they are classed as a scar or not. Point is that they are on me to stay unless cosmetically removed which in my definition makes them a scar.

Im ok with them, like i say, show em off, get some sun on them and rub cream in them. No worries and the jobs done.


A scar forms when the dermis is damaged. The body forms new collagen fibers to mend the damage, resulting in a scar. That is exactly what a stretch mark is. Please inform your surgeon.


He also told me taking zinc was dangerous so let him be.


You should have asked him where the real doctor was.


Thanks guys. I'm not too fussed, but I'm very pale skinned so everything shows up.

Oddly, they developed when I was forced to take a big break from training when I had my ACL reconstructed. Now I'm close to being discharged we'll see if I can get some new ones going (in the right places...)


I did some tanning last week cause it's been damn hot and I'm white as a computer junkie, but now that that redness is going away they've definitely faded some.


ive got em above each armpit and across the front delts. cocoa butter and getting some sun works well to get rid of them. It kind of sucks though cause everytime I get them to be not as noticable, they tear again and come back. kind of a good barometer for progress though:)


Man. I would LOVE to have to worry about stretch marks.


cocca butter helps very much,and i guess a tan might help blend it in more


Not if you got 'em from being fat :confused: