Preventing Post-Cycle Fat Gain?

Going to be starting my first cycle next year, I’ve done a lot of research (and plan to keep doing more) and I’m pretty sure that I’ve got everything covered, including esters, dosages, estrogen management, PCT, supplements, diet, etc.

The only thing I’m not sure on is managing the post cycle fat gain.

After coming off and completing PCT, my plan is to continue training/eating in a bulking phase for a couple of months in order to keep as much muscle as possible that was gained from the cycle.

Being that you’re more prone to fat gain after a cycle, any suggestions on what to do to make sure I don’t end up really fat?

Should I continue with the bulking phase as planned?
Or go on a maintenance phase for a while?*
Or start a cutting phase after cycle?*
(*If so, should these be started during PCT or after?)

Also, is it a good idea to add in any non-AAS drugs during PCT, (or after) to help manage the fat gain such as clen/T3?

You’re not any more prone to getting fat after cycle if you keep your diet and training in check. The trouble is that many people only train and watch their diets while they’re on cycle…once off they almost act as if they can stop working…you can’t and need to watch your diet even more closely since you wont be able to rely on the anabolics to help cover for weaknesses in diet or training.
You need to continue to push yourself in the gym even though you may find some of your strength slipping away (depending on the compounds you’ve used).
If i were you I would move directly into a maintenance phase and let your body settle into it’s new weight. Use this time to reestablish your new calorie requirement but keep training hard.


I’ll definitely keep a good diet and training regimen after coming off, and I’m prepared to lose some strength after cycle and keep pushing as much as I can (test only cycle @ 500mg per week to clarify).

That sounds like a sensible approach. Would you suggest starting this phase during PCT or continuing the bulk phase through PCT and starting the maintenance afterwards?

I’d start it during PCT but it probably doesn’t matter in the grander scheme of things. Tighten up the diet (or clean it up) make sure you’ve got your protein covered and continue to train as if nothing changed. Watch the scale and adjust as needed. Weight loss is to be expected but you shouldn’t expect to see the scale moving up…if you do you know you need to restrict calories a little more or add in a little extra LISS cardio.