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Preventing Pec Tears/Pulls?


While doing reverse grip benching in the power rack, i felt a little tweak on the right side. no tear or anything, just a little pull. I thought i warmed up enough. i did 3 warm up sets, but is that enough? I did 2 sets with 135,then a set of 225lbs, then moved to 330lbs for what i normally do about 7-8 reps with.

Given that its extremely uncomfortable on my wrists, the weight i use is lacking big time. but thats personally why i like doing them. anyways, what is the best method of warming up, so i don't pull or tear anything again. I realize there is never a guarantee, but as close to one as possible.


Google Pec Mobilization drills and incorporate that into your warm up, stretch foam roll or lax ball prior to your bench work do you get the pain when you bench conventional?


I dont think that is enough warming up...anyway, read this if you havent already, dave tate covers the warm up http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/dave_tates_sixweek_bench_press_cure


@ niksamaras dude this guy has a possible pec tear and ur gonna give him an article on how to bench thats retarded not to mention the article makes no mention of mobility work prior to benching. which is what he needs to help prevent/heal a pec tear. also this article doesnt mention cuing for reverse grip benching which is the mechanism by which the injury occurred. basically you just told him to prevent pec tears to go bench more. ridiculous advise.


No, I gave him that article to read JUST the part dave talks about warming up, nothing more nothing less. Also next time, try to understand what the other said, and answer without being a dick.


Just guessing but I doubt u r anchoring with your lats anywhere near what you should...

Go back to the drawing board... let your pecs heal completely, learn to retract & DEPRESS your shoulder girdle sufficiently

Lats Tris &the delts r probably not involved @ needed levels

Pec tears.... not fun... I wish someone would have given me the same advice a long time ago


Try starting with just the bar, using 25lbs plates, and doing more light sets when warming up. You can also use chains and reverse bands to lighten the load at the bottom.


Btw I battled back & forth with "minor Pec pulls" for a good many years... in spite of not making the necessary changes my strength did progress, but the "pulls" got progressively worse and eventually a full blown tear.... train smart & u will get stronger