Preventing Palpitations From Excess Adrenaline (Testosterone Shots)

So it seems like anytime i iniect a decent dose (say 200mg) i get these strong heart palpitations (a punch to the chest feeling). And they happen exactly around periods when i feel wired.

Unfortunately i have bradycardia during the night and cant ask the doc about beta blocker.

And yeah, i know, smaller more frequent doses etc. But i didnt have those issues when first starting put, 250mg at once didnt cause palps (well, now my ferritin is low so that may be contributing).

So…any alternatives to beta blockers? As i am sure it is the adrenaline.

I had similar issues and using ksm-66 ashwagandha helped tremendously. Look into it and see if it may help you.

Here’s the one I found works best after trying 4 different brands:

I started ashwagandha about a week ago so it is still early.

It might be that it is a shock to my body, 200mg IM spiked my levels probably close to 1500, and i have been off for some time (test 300-500).
And it is a cascade of hormones. Free test stimulates dopamine and dopamine converts to adrenaline and boom palpitations.

Actually i am doing this to help my iron deficiency, to prevent from going anemic, i should have been off but my hemoglobin s rapidly declining (dipped into 140s because of iron deficiency and it has never been that low) and i feel like crap. So hopefully 200mg per week + hcg should help with my hemoglobin, as iron supplementation by itself didnt help reverse the droo in hemoglobin.

I had the same issues with iron and anemia and TRT did help with that but it also uses up your iron so while my rbc labs improved my iron got worse. I supplemented iron daily for 4 months and now just supplement b12 daily. I do daily dosing benefits I just feel better when all my levels aren’t fluctuating as much.

The ashwagandha took a good 2-3 weeks before I started to feel it’s effects.

We will see. I remember previously how calm ashwagandha made me feel. It really did make a difference.

Iron deficiency is my fault. I overdid it with at home phlebotomies.

If you start supplementing Iron I found that using L-lysine with it made a major impact. Just using iron and vit C wasn’t being my ferritin up fast enough 5 points in 2 months. When I started using L-lysine with it my ferritin increased 30 points within a couple months.

It is interesting that when i was on test my hct was constantly around 50%.
Now it hasnt been even 2 motnhs since i have been off and it already is below 45%

and that is not normal for me. Precycle hct was 0.477.