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Preventing muscle loss while running


i am currently in a fat loss phase. i am 210lbs down from 240. my diet is no carb protien and fat except for pre and post workout. i am using the anaconda protocal 2. i have just started running and want to prevent muscle loss. what should my pre and post run look like?


Simple sugars and protein I think. But you'll lose muscle whenever you lose weight so don't worry too much about it.


Keep lifting weights and you shouldn't have too much of an issue.


if you're that worried about the muscle loss, you could always add creatine and BCAAs to your repitoire


Dont do long distance running. If you're purely after fitness and fat loss, high instensity interval cardio is a better choice. You'll induce less cortisol (stress hormone) response, and even have some potential for hypertrophy from the sprints. Try 4 x 150m sprints with 40 seconds active recovery (walking back to start point or similar). Rest 5 minutes then repeat the 4 x 150 again.
Obviously if you just want to run long distances then you're a crazy man :wink:


We're twins. I just went from 240 to 207 (morning) to train for a 5mile charity race. I didn't lose strength till the end but now there is no doubt. Make your run and weight goals, minimalize the strength lose then work your way back up through diet and less freqency on running. You can maintain quite easily just running two days a week.


my advice is not to run. Running is lame. Just do other forms of 'cardio' instead that are more fun.

I havent ran any sort of distance in over a year... since I did the Warrior Dash. I didnt have to "train for it" cause it was only a 5k