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Preventing Low Libido

I’m in a somewhat complicated situation and I’m trying to figure out a solution. This is my third cycle, I’m on 600 mg test cyp a week (I’m partial to test only cycles). I’ve been running 6.25mg aromasin ED, HCG since week 3 and my testicles are still normal size, so I’m hoping that means I won’t even have to worry about this. For the record, my libido is fine as of right now (this would be week 11 of my cycle)

In 2 weeks I will be going on a trip for 12 days. I don’t have to cut my cycle short or anything, it so happens my cycle is scheduled to end a few days before I leave. I’m going to see my fiancé, and we’ll be doing the long distance thing until May of next year. So needless to say, I need my libido to be working for these 12 days. Is there anything I can do to mitigate any potential libido problems of my test levels dropping over those 12 days? I know I won’t be down to subnatural test levels since it takes about 2 weeks to be at the point to necessitate the start of PCT, but I’m concerned that the simple fact that my test level is dropping might affect my libido. Or will the fact that the HCG prevented shutdown mean I don’t have to worry about it? I have some ideas of what to do if this is a cause for concern, but I’m certainly no expert on AAS so they might be senseless ideas.

Things I’m already doing:
Taking tribulus
Taking 5000 iu daily of vitamin D3
Taking ginseng
Packing 2 weeks worth of viagra/cialis… but as I understand it, these don’t help libido
Packing 2 weeks worth of aromasin
Note: I know there’s a chance that some of these natural supps don’t work since the research isn’t necessarily solid, but it’s more of a better safe than sorry thing.

Ideas for what I can do:

  1. I have enough turinabol left from my kickstart to take 50-75mg daily while I’m there. This would technically keep my test up if I’m not mistaken, but a) it’s not that androgenic, so I’m not sure if it would prevent this problem, b) I don’t know what my blood levels would be on it; I’m assuming not equivalent to 600 mg of test, and c) I obviously can’t bring HCG with me, so I’d be running 2 weeks of AAS with nothing to prevent it from shutting me down, but then I also don’t care if I’m shut down when I get back…I’d rather lose some muscle than not be able to perform during the only 2 weeks I have with my fiancé until May

  2. Go up to 900 mg of test (or more?) for this week and next week so my blood levels are at least a little higher when I leave and thus have more room to fall (but this would exacerbate the hormone fluctuation issue if I’m not mistaken). I’m also thinking the extra dopamine from the extra test will give me the super-libido that guys often get in the beginning of their cycle (I believe I read a study that links that with dopamine). Another concern with this: how much am I going to have to worry about the 6.25mg of aromasin not handling the extra aromatization? Is 2 weeks of 300 mg extra test going to aromatize enough to give me estro sides that my current AI dose can’t handle?

  3. Don’t increase it now, but pin a shitload of test (no idea how much would constitute a “shitload”) a few hours before I leave. This is just conjecture, but I’m thinking this might offset my falling test levels by raising my test levels over the period of the time it takes for the large amount of test to get into my blood, thus making it so my test levels are not “falling” per se but staying near the same, going up slightly, or going down slightly. This is just a random idea… I’m not knowledgable enough on the science to know if the slow ester would make it such that the frontload style dose raises my blood levels at around the same speed not taking any more shots lowers my levels thus canceling each other out

  4. Increase it to 900 mg now and also pin a shitload of test before I leave. I’m guessing this isn’t a good idea, but I don’t want to rule it out without input (but again, hormone fluctuation/aromatization are concerns)

  5. Don’t do anything and just have faith in the fact that I didn’t shut down and I’m on tribulus. This is the safest option per se, but I really don’t want to risk having a low libido for even a few days during this trip

Sorry for the complicated questions, but there’s a lot of knowledgable people on here so I’m hoping somebody is well versed enough on the science to help me out

Where is the trip to? Would it be possible to send yourself a few supplies via mail, fedex, etc?

Not that I think you have anything to worry about. My belief is that you’ll be good to go. Personally my libido stays up well into PCT. If you were able to send yourself a package it could ease your mind altogether. My worry at this point is that you’ve already been thinking a lot about this and it could get to you psychologically. However if you can send a vial and a couple pins, you could pin on the trip and be good on both counts.

Thanks, that’s a good idea! Figures I’d think of blasting a gram of test before I thought of just sending myself enough to stay on.

Something I’ve thought about though. Would adding 200 mg a week for these several weeks give me another mood/libido boost? It would be a nice addition to the trip. After doing some research on the subject of androgen tolerance, I gather that it’s a controversial issue, but on the off chance that it is a factor here, I assume this would be beneficial for this occasion.

I’m going to up my aromasin to 12.5 ED anyway, because while my libido is functional, I can’t help but notice that it’s not nearly what it was during the first part of my cycle before the bloat set in and I started HCG, which I’m thinking allowed even more aromatization. So if my average libido is from high estrogen rather than tolerance, I’ll have these 12 days with more AI to see, and it’ll also help with the added aromatizarion if I up my dose. If my estrogen crashes (I highly doubt it) I can just drop it a few days before the trip and be back to baseline when I leave. But I’d just really like that teenageresque libido from the first part of my cycle back.

I wouldn’t take more. If anything I’d try less. Aromasin is known to take estrogen levels too low for some people which will have a bug effect on libido. If you have enough time before your trip I’d try the same dose EOD. How are your joints feeling?

You can try using sustanon for the longer ester. Also, it’s the androgen receptors in the muscles that may develop tolerance, nothing to do with your libido, so no worries there. Have a good trip.

Thanks for the replies. My joints are good, they crack a lot but they did that before. Is it possible that my estrogen is low when I have so much bloat?

I wish I had the time/money to order some new compounds, I’d probably be getting some proviron for sure.

I think you will be fine. Try not to kill your E2 with too much aromasin, that could kill your libido.

If it were me, I’d shoot double what your weekly dose was at before i left.

[quote]Nagelm9985 wrote:
Thanks for the replies. My joints are good, they crack a lot but they did that before. Is it possible that my estrogen is low when I have so much bloat?

I wish I had the time/money to order some new compounds, I’d probably be getting some proviron for sure.

No joint pain or dry feeling? I ask because I’ve heard of aromasin having an affect on libido but its usually due to low estrogen. Yes it possible to be bloated from low estrogen as well. I could be wrong but suspect that your estrogen is low rather than high. It also sounds like your libido is currently decent. It may not hurt to just raise your test dose a little and see if that helps. It would in turn raise estrogen which you could get back into check afterwards if its too high rather than too low.

Nope, no joint pain. Maybe I should just stop aromasin for 5 days. If my drive goes way up, I’ll know it was low, and if it goes down, I’ll know it was high.

Or I could do 12.5 ED and raise my test to 900 a week. If my drive doesn’t go up with the raise in test, I’ll know I’m suppressing E2 too much and drop it for 5 days. But I would have to be extremely sensitive to aromasin to crash from 12.5 ED while on almost a gram of test a week and HCG, no?

On the off chance it’s already a little high, I’m afraid to let my E2 go wild since I’ve read it takes a couple of weeks for the E2 in your body to go down even if you up your aromasin since it just prevents aromatization rather than killing existing E2. That’s why I’m kind of hesitant to see what decreasing the dose does before I see what increasing it does…if my E2 is high when I leave, I’d have to deal with high E2 symptoms for the entire trip no matter how much aromasin I take.

From what I’ve read about aromasin, your E2 is back after 120 hours off…this is the case, right? If that’s not how it works these plans wouldn’t work at all.

I wish I thought of this predicament a week ago so I would have enough time to get bloodwork, but this is probably my only way to figure it out now.