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Preventing Long-Term Testicular Atrophy?


Many of you are committed to TRT for life

That is many decades

Are any of you doing anything for atrophy
I’ve spoken to a few docs who list this as a side effect and say your nuts end up like raisins eventually

Even though we know your balls aren’t working anymore once on TRT
Are many of you doing anything to prevent this other than hcg forever?

To my understanding, HCG is the only thing you can take concurrent with TRT to prevent or minimize atrophy

I’ve heard some docs say clomid also

Clomid isn’t designed nor something you’d want to take long term.

hCG is from a natural source while clomid is a pharmaceutical drug with long term deleterious side effects. Clomid is what you take after a round of HCG to help fertility.

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Clomid tries to restart your HPTA (more testosterone/LH) and adding more androgens creating a kind of chaos as TRT tries to shut you down and clomid pulling you in the other direction. Few men feel good on clomid and it will likely derail the benefits of TRT.

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So most of you taking TRT only?

No care for atrophy

That is correct, but HCG isn’t the silver bullet all of the time as some guys don’t feel good on it.

Are you ok w the atrophy?

Yes because there’s nothing I can do about it, it all comes down to accepting it.

are they raisins like
My doc said

I think once they shut down they shut down. They don’t keep getting smaller over time. I could be wrong though. Only been on TRT for 10 months and I have to say I haven’t noticed a huge difference. Maybe a little smaller but definitely not like raisins.

My LH FSH went to 0 within a month so needless to say balls are doing nothing

@jimg01852 your on for life?

I’ve been on TRT for over a year and a half, and my balls still hang just fine most of the time.

Keep in mind that HCG will do absolutely jack shit for you if you are primary hypo. If you are hypo because you’re balls are dead, then they’re just dead.

Edit to add…

I did a 6 week experiment with HCG a while back. The only thing I noticed at all was that I a little bit lighter in the wallet.

I’m secondary

That’s the plan right now but who knows. I’m only 49. Who knows what happens when I’m 80.

I’ve been on trt for 7 years, and have never taken hcg. There’s no significant atrophy. My wife says they’re the same size as they were 25 years ago.

Atrophy is not a 100% guarantee.

My doc says over 90 % of his patients either don’t experience atrophy, or don’t care enough to mention it to him.

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Me and many other guys do small doses of HCG alongside to minimize atrophy. HCG also improves sexual experience and orgasm for me. I take 100ui daily

Injected ?

Yes, and most do not care. Plus, there are some that report no testicular atrophy at all, though I do not examine them myself. It’s not an absolute and there are varying degrees of atrophy, as others mentioned. I’d say mine are down about 50%, not even close to raisins.

While small amounts of hCG are found in men, it’s not near what you’ll have with injections, so hCG at those levels is not “natural” and therefore should not be used long term. I think it’s fine to run it for six weeks or so once or twice a year to plump up the boys.

I would not say that. Many of us use HCG and plan to continue it as a lifetime medication with our TRT. I’ve been taking it for 8+ years. Started out at around 500 IU per week for the first 4 years. Then changed docs and got a new script for 1050 IU per week. It does what it’s supposed to do and I have no discernible side-effects.

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