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Preventing Injuries

Hello CT,

What do you think about preventing injury (or manipulate the type or injury) with a certain muscle balance.

For the bench press:

I often hear about pec tears or shoulder injuries, however I have never heard of triceps injuries. Does that mean to reduce the chance of an injury in the bench press one should become a tricep dominant presser?

For the squat:

I have heard about different injuries here, but most of the time the quads or hamstrings get injured. I have never heard of a gluteus tear or strain. What kind of muscular balance do one needs to reduce the risk of in injury? Of course it depends on how you squat, but is it possible to say you need : (just as example ) stronger hamstrings than quads, and the lower back needs to be the strongest group.

For the deadlift :

I have heard of broken backs and pulled hamstrings, but never of injured gluteus. I have also heard that if you have strong abs and hamstrings that your normally don’t injure your back. Does that mean I should train (more) hamstrings + abs, so my probably injury becomes a hamstring tear instead of a “broken back”?

What do you think about that CT?