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Preventing Gyno

im going to be taking 500mg a day of test for my first cycle is there any product not on the black market i can take to prevent gyno?

no. You need an AI like adex

There is absolutely nothing you can do. You take 500 mg’s of test and your nipples will end up like cow utters. Steroids r bad and don’t fuck up your nipples !

Also 500 mg of test a day … 3,500 Mgs a week. 3.5 grams … And you don’t fucking know what an AI is?

This kid made another thread hours before this and is clearly not ready for gear

best way to prevent sides is not use gear you have no clue dont even knopw what an AI is and have similar stats of my fiance who is a bikini competitor thats tooo much test i run 1 3rd of that and have put on 6 lbs in the last week