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Preventing Diabetes

Dear Friends

I have been lifting weights for 10 years now, consistent with it firstly was training 3 days now and for the past 2 years I have been training 5 days per week. I love the gym, I hit weights for hypertrophy and cardio afterward doing some high intensity work.

I watch my diet and have done for years, count everything I can from calories to sodium just because I find it interesting and enjoyable to do so. My family has a history of heart problems non of which I have but they also have diabetes issues too not relating to diet either my father is 160lbs, ate very well and exercised but still didn’t avoid diabetes even with rigid diet.

I very much want to reduce my blood glucose level as well as reduce my risk of ever being diabetic. I have been reading the medical journals for years now, looked at all sorts of nutrition research on animals and also some on humans.

My question is regarding low calorie diets, it seems to be a lower calorie diet for anything from 2-6 weeks seems to give a great response to
Insulin resistance, blood glucose seems to reduce (testing) this can be short lived however if you eat crap afterward but this is not the intention for me.

I am 214lbs not diabetic currently, if I where to eat 1500 calories per day for as long as I could I think this would be a good way to concur the future prospect of being diabetic.

I was going to eat higher protein mix with low carb, moderate fat. Eat plenty of veg perhaps even make a soup per day, the water in the soup would help with hunger.

Another thing that has worked for many is fasting, I looked at the research and perhaps a fasting period of 16 hours followed
By 8 hours of eating would be good.

Wanted to know if anyone has done calories this low? Or has any views?

I know many will say, go to your top end of calories you can eat and drop slowly but saying that is probably true for retaining muscle however for preventing diabetes maybe this might not be a bad idea?

It’s not a starvation diet…

I previously had reactive hypoglycaemia too but that has gone finally, just with keto style diet and watching Gi of foods.

There are some really good threads around here you should take a look at. For example:

You weigh over 200 lbs, you are at the gym 5 days a week lifting weights and doing high itensity cardio, and you want to try to survuve on 1500 calories???