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Preventing Cramps

Drinking lots of water prevents cramps right? how come i always cramp up during football practise i bring a gallon of water to school every day and finish more than half before i practise finish the rest after practise and i still tend to cramp up?

Sex helps to releive menstrual cramps. My ex used to take midol, and she said it helped a lot.

Oh. Muscle cramps. Sorry.

Eat a couple of bannanas every morning with breakfast.

An old timer, who was a concrete crew foreman, told me that if you take a glass of slighty warm water, a tablespoon of honey, and two tablespoons of vinegar, its is supposed to help. I have never tried it.

Hydration and electorlytes. If your getting way enough hydration and no electolytes (sodium, potassium) then you will piss even more of the little you have out and be even lower in the .

water, salt, potassium (banana, caggage etc.)

My son was having the same problem, stayed hydrated ate a couple bananas every day but always got extreme cramps. Someone suggested Advocare Rehydrate, and the stuff really worked. He says he can “feel” the difference. Give it a try, not to expensive unlike most Advocare stuff.