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Preventative Metformin Use

I have crashed my Calcium levels. I’m not saying it’ll happen to you, I have underlying conditions, but about two weeks on Metformin as preventative thing has done me in.
Couldn’t figure out what was going on with me, until just now.
Anybody else got negative experience with Metformin?

I developed a chronic cough, voice changes and a sore throat on Metformin. Metformin also blocks V02 max during intense exercise and decrease the improvements in insulin sensitivity during these intense workouts.

I have heard some say they feel exhausted during workouts, it’s not hard to understand why.

Stan Efferdding hates metformin. There is a much longer in depth video but this one has a little on it.

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I also cannot understand all this hype with Metformin being a wonder pill, Jay Campbell for example. As I learned it can have multiple side effects like decreasing testosterone, increasing SHBG. I tried it for a few days and felt extremely fatigued and especially at the gym it was hell. Also my errection quality worsened.

Pretty interesting, thanks for sharing.

Ben Greenfield went in depth on his most reason podcast with Joe Rogan (couple months ago) on metformin and why it isn’t a great drug for athletes. This was directly after a previous Joe Rogan podcast with an anti-aging scientist who touted it’s effect on longevity. It seems like a good drug to help you live longer but at the expense of some level of performance.

In my case, the hypocalcemia far outweighs any possible benefits. I have to supplement normally, I simply cannot take enough when on it.

Was the hypocalcemia hard to diagnose? Like did you have to go through a bunch of possible things until you figured it out

No. I was looking for it, it is a normal short-term complication after parathyroidectomy (which I had). It usually goes away within a few months of that surgery, in my case it did not. It has some very specific symptoms. First, you get in a miserable fight with your wife and you don’t really give a s$%t. Then, if it progresses, you get pins and needles in the forearms and hands, and if it progresses more you get pins and needles in your face. There are some other signs as well. If you inflate a BP cuff on your arm and leave it inflated for 30 seconds, you’ll get the pins and needles and then your hand forms a claw - and you have no control over it when it does it. It can also affect a nerve in your face that runs along the jaw in front of your ear, tapping that spot makes your mouth twitch into a smirk if you’re hypo (not everyone has this). I also make you suicidal and somewhat homicidal. It’s wonderful.
It also cranks up my BP. Substantially.

Man that sounds horrible. I hope you get better

It takes about 4 days for the Metformin to clear your system. I am feeling better already, the calcium is absorbing faster than I’m using it now.

Do you know if metformin effects any hormones? Ive seen studies it can lower testosterone and increase shbg

Ben Greenfield has a lot of info about metformin that you would find interesting. Especially coming from someone with a more athletic purpose rather than just for longevity. Listening to him made me decide not to use it but I don’t know enough about it to comment.

@vonko1988 if you are taking advice from J Cambell you are one lost soul man.
That man’s advice will fuck you up. Be careful. Just because he has a youtube channel doesn’t mean shit. Fuck I have a Youtube channel but it all about video gaming.

@hardartery Wow, This is news to me.
I have Defy blood test coming up in mid Aug. anything specific I should have them ad to my 6 month TRT checkup?

My A1C is 5.3 I am not even close to being diabetic but our forum resident Doc from Ohio now in Colorado swears by it. So I am trying it.
I take 500mg of metformin at breakfast and 500mg in the evening if I remember.
I have had nothing but good results. I burn fat like I never have since I was in my 20’s.
Abs pizza with beer was never possible for me before.

Well I dont buy everything he says for sure. I think his TRT knowledge is good, he suggests good protocols but for example some of his beliefs that people should not eat carbs except around training and shit I dont buy them. For example Ive discovered I need to eat some amount of high quality cabrs on every meal.
Also his stance on metformin is very like zealotous I dont buy this medication is so wonderful and thats why Im seeking my own truth about it and more precisely what are its effects on various hormones

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Smart man. Do your research and your own experiments that includes blood tests.
Blindly following these self-proclaimed TRT guru’s will just get you hurt and delay getting your protocol tuned up. If they truly did know what the fuck they were talking about they would not be here doling out advice for free. They would be rich with their own practice.

I’m special, lol. What I read indicates that Metformin is great for most people. The only serious downsides that I have found involve calcium and B12. Most guys could just supplement calcium and be fine, I cannot because I simply can’t get enough calcium that way due to the multiple parathyoidectomy. It disrupts that cycle, so it can cause B12 deficiency as well as hypocalcemia.

What about hormones?

How does the metformin make you feel? Any difference in energy or well-being?

Wow it sure sounds like Metformin is not for you if you are unable to deal with the bad side effects you are experiencing. I wonder if there is another drug that could give the Metformin effect?