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Pretty Sick of People Today


This is probably a re-hash of a thousand other threads, but I'm pretty sick of lazy dumbasses acting like I'm abnormal because I work out.

Long story short, Thursdays I take a sled and a homemade prowler to work for conditioning. There's a lot of big open grassy areas to work out on that I don't have at home. Plus we're all given an hour of work time to exercise, why would I not use it?

As I'm working out I collect a few of stupid comments. One from a guy who doesn't work who tells me I'm going to either have a heart attack or slip, fall and knock my teeth out on the sled. The other from a jogger who thinks it's really funny to tell me I need to pull an entire set of tires (my sled is made out of an old tire).

Then one of the security guys comes up and thinks it's really cool to tell me that he and a bunch of the other guards, most of whom are overweight, were alternately making fun of me and ogling some high school age cheerleaders who were taking a picture in front of one of his planes. Like being a fat, lecherous bastard makes him really cool.

I get home and being pretty annoyed by this, I post a quote from Rippetoe on facebook and start some minor drama there. Again, people who don't train the way I do feel the need to make a smart-assed comment to prove something.

I don't get it. Yes, I train pretty hard. But I'm still pretty new and I don't have a particularly good physique, show off, or brag about weights I lift, etc. Nor would I even if I had any of those things. I don't preach, hell I don't even give advice unless asked. I live and let live, people can't seem to do the same.

I listen politely to and read countless hours of discussion of the bull shit other people are interested in. Their stupid cars, how drunk they get on a regular basis, TV, movies, on and on and on but if I start to talk about training in even the most general terms I'm some kind of preachy, smug asshole.

I truly don't want to believe that people are that damn insecure, but it sure looks that way.

Screw 'em.


None of that will ever change.
Some of those people are probably trying to relate to you to make conversation...they're bad at it, but you get the point.
The others, fuck 'em.


If I saw somebody who was "not in particularly good shape" working out publicly with sleds and prowlers, I'd probably make fun of them too..

Edit: Oh, and chances are you fell for a whole lot of internet warrior bullshit, are preaching excessively about your newfound "fitness" lifestyle, are doing this incorrectly, and your friends who are probably in better shape than you are just calling you out your bullshit.. leave your ego at the door.. you aren't better than everybody else.


you'd make fun of someone for trying to better themselves?
What a guy you are.


Use it to fuel your workouts. When people give me that shit, I get a ravenous appetite to keep on improving myself.


Never said I wasn't a dick.. my main point being that OP is clearly new to this and exhibiting some of the more negative side effects of that (seriously.. posting Rippetoe nonsense on Facebook?)

He'd probably be better off if he just worked out in private, not exposing himself to the douchbaggery that most people are capable of, and then someday (far off in the future, maybe not so far off if he is as serious as he probably would like to think he is) he might realize what an idiot he is being..

I am jumping to a bunch of conclusions, but reading between the lines - I am pretty confident in my assessment here

Edit: and LOL at bitching about people judging him and then proceeding to judge everybody.. OP reeks of unwarranted self-assuredness and jealousy..


You're likely right. At least I hope you're right. That's why I try to leave it alone when people do say something irritating and chose to vent about it here.

As I said, I don't really want to believe that these people are doing this just to try and ease their insecurity about what ever their personal reasons for working, or not, as they see fit are.


I like that.



This does tend to make conversations go better. I really only talk about my fitness/training goals on a few select websites and with a few select people. If I posted shit on Facebook about it, I'd expect to get made fun of constantly.


On a practical level you may be right. I mean what is bitching about it going to change. But that doesn't change the fact that your demeaning tone is kind of rude.

How is he judging everyone? His post is simply a relay of what he's observing. Sounds like you're the one with "unwarranted self-assuredness."


this is pretty funny, I just trained for the first time with my newly build sled 2 days ago in a field near where I live. I didnt even notice the people making fun of me. May I bring entertainment to their days.


Alright, I'll throw in the towel.. I was being a dick.. Sorry OP

OP: My only assumption is that you aren't at a great level of development or else "fat, lecherous security guards" would not be making fun of you.. let alone to your face..

Even if you were big, most people who do not work out could care less and do not want to hear about that shit.. either due to a genuine lack of interest or b/c most people don't like the smell of their own shit (in this case, being constantly bombarded with your interest in fitness and desire to improve your own physical condition when they themselves are in horrible condition and probably couldn't give a fuck less about improving their own situation - long story short, you're just making them feel bad)

Since you are probably pretty small, people are not necessarily wrong to judge you, call you out, etc. (esp. if you are posting Rippetoe stuff on FB which goes against what the casual gym goer will be used to).. think about it - would you take advice from somebody who didn't look the part?

I stand by my advice - continue to work out privately and keep any fitness related thoughts to yourself (or like-minded people) and, if you are truly dedicated, soon you will look the part and people will not harass you, question your methods, and may even come up to you for advice so that you can rattle off on them..


x2. I don't bring the subject up unless someone else does and I make sure I look to for cues for when to move the conversation along so I don't like a self-absorbed narcissistic gym fitness-freak. Yeah I do mostly powerlifting, but people always think I train for general fitness because I'm slender, lean, mobile and flexible, have a lot of tone as most people call it relative to the general population. And no, I don't use the general population to set the bar for anything I do in life.

Just strive to be all-around awsome in all endeavors whatever they may be and the pieces will fall into place on their own.


I can never understand why I don't have these problems.

Most of the time all I get is people telling me how they're 1) planning on joining a gym 2) Used to be in awesome shape 3) Know this dude who won the Golden Gloves like a million times 4) THEY won the Golden Gloves/sparred all time/won some tournament "back in the day" 5) they really should join a gym but it's a) too much money b)they don't have time....etc. etc. etc.

I never ask about any of this, I don't know why people tell me these things.

That being said, I would not work out in front of people I work with at work. If I wanted to work out on lunch, I'd go to a park or some shit- doing it in front of the people you work with screams "I'M PRETENTIOUS".

Actually, the only thing I ever hear at work is once in a while my editor will look at me eating some sort of shit food and be like, "Man I'm surprised you're eating that." No more, no less...


I get some older and overweight people asking me for advice about back and knee problems, I guess because I stretch frequently just about where ever I am. Not doing it to be pretentious, just for my health.


Okay, I'll bite. No apology was needed, all you've got to go on is what you see here and past experience. No harm for calling it as you see it.

In terms of background on me. I'm not small. It was no accident that I used the term physique rather and not very fit as physique seems to be applied more to how cut someone is rather than how fit on these boards. Probably a better choice of words out there.

In the past three years, I've gone from 240 pounds and overweight, to 185 pounds and skinny fat, back to 210 and much stronger but pretty tubby. I'm not small, but I'm under no delusion that I'm impressive to look at either. Hence the prowler work. I need, for my own health if anything else, to get rid of some fat.

So yeah, maybe I'm baiting this by working out at work. But I'm not going to stop. So I'll have to deal with it. Venting here is part of dealing with it. My prowler work typically consists of going out around 40 yards and back several times. There's no place around my house to do that. Plus there are a few guys who workout with me and as I said, I get paid for it. Everyone is given an hour, on the clock, to workout as they see fit.

As far as Rippetoe on facebook goes, is that really different from having to see all my other facebook "friends" political views, quotes from the latest Lady Gaga song, or other annoying things I choose to ignore from everyone else?

My attitude, can't say. I know I've never had a deep conversation on the subject (or any conversation for that matter) with either the jogger or the fellow who thinks my heart and teeth are at risk. I know both of them casually, they work in different parts of the campus and were only passing by the area I workout in.

But hey, maybe I don't know that I'm preaching. Can't think of one time where I've brought it up to anyone other than the people who workout with me or who are committed to lifting in general. And those are typically conversations between two people discussing a common interest. Maybe people who overhear these conversations are annoyed by them.

I'm not going to stop having those conversations, nor am I going to give up pushing a prowler or waste time and money finding a gym that has one, just because of this. I'm not going to hide what I have done, or what I am doing.

Me writing that will probably be seen as proof of your argument all along. But that's here, on a site dedicated to training, lifting and the lifestyle and not in the middle of work, the Wal-mart on the corner, or anywhere else where I might have a captive audience.


Thanks for saying that! It's what I was thinking.

Using a prowler (a great but certainly odd piece of equipment in that people see you pushing something like you're too stupid to know it doesn't have wheels) and then acting like you'e being persecuted and that this is your deciding factor on why "people today are fucked up" fuck all those fat ugly fucks is poor attitude.
I think the human race is on the whole decent and that if I were to change my mind to saying cynical stuff like "People are just ignorant and bad" it would take a trip through Sudan or something, nit people asking me why I was exercising the way I do.


Yo, you got a problem? theBird will solve it!!

Hey kiddo,
So where do you work? Isnt there some where more private where you can work out?
Personally I would find it akward having my fellow workmates watching me grimace, lift, groan and push the limits of man-kind.

tweet tweet


There's possibly one more area that would have less traffic. Currently we set up the sleds behind one of our industrial buildings. There's a grassy area between it and where we park our planes. No one working around the planes pays much attention to that area. Just a few people who walk through to get to another more often used area.

That's a part of my confusion with the whole situation as two people made a special trip over to talk to me.

I've never found it awkward. Most people generally wave and encourage me/us.

Maybe that's part of why it comes across as smug, because I'm not embarrassed to be doing it.

Dunno, I'm flummoxed. I don't really feel ill towards these people. They've made their choices and I've made mine. I just can't explain or understand a behavior that I've never had the urge to engage in. I don't yell at the joggers to run faster or tell the cyclist they're going to get testicular cancer. Mostly because it'd be an asshole thing to do.

As for it being pretentious to workout in front of coworkers. It's highly encouraged and roughly 60% of the workforce does some kind of workout, somewhere at work, at some point in the day.

It's just a few people, and maybe it's just cause the prowler is just too different.