Pretty Pretty PIT STAINS

Does anyone know the cause of those wonderful crusty yellow pit stains on white T-shirts? Is it a chemical reaction to some ingredient in deodorant or what? Can it be prevented? Any info would be great.

somebody else had the same question on the forum a while back. general answer was they’re due to a reaction in the deodorant and the best way to get rid of them is to soak the stains in vinegar before throwing the shirts in the washer. i’m lazy, so i just cut the sleeves off.

amonia(sp?) in your sweat, thats what causes it. peace

I don’t know the specific reasoning behind it, but natural deodorant doesn’t seem to stain my shirts. It probably has something to do with the aluminum compound in commercial sticks. I use a tea tree oil stick and it works well and is actually antibacterial.

Yeah, I think it’s the deodorant. There is a stick of salt you can buy that works outstandingly as deodorant, and you won’t be smearing gelatinous chemicals all over your lymph nodes, either. Tyr some health food stors for that salt stick. It takes a few days for your body chemistry to adapt to it, but after that it kicks ass.

In 10th grade I had biology right after gym and my science teacher never failed to comment on how dirty we should feel because the composition of urine and sweat are nearly identical. I imagine this may explain the yellowish tinge of pit stains.

It’s a difference b/w deodorant and anti-persperant (sp?) the anti-p has some form of luminum in it, which gives the lovely color (to someone else’s point, it could be the aluminum reacting w/ ammonia that gives the reaction, I don’t know) I just know that the reaction only occurs w/anti-p NOT just plain ol deodorant.

t. you are correct sir. peace. I should have said w/anti not MOST deoderants. peace

I thought it was the crap from the baacteria that live off the sweat. SOmeone sweats & these bacteria come eat it up & their crap smells like BO & makes the nasty pit stains.

If you’d rather not bother with pit sweat all together, there is a product called CertainDry, and it somehow gets your pits to stop sweating almost completely. It doesn’t sound like the safest thing but my friends have been taking it for about a year and they haven’t seen any side effects.

I’ve gotten those stains from time to time and only use deodorant so I don’t think the reaction is only with the extra ingredients in anti perpirants (aluminum whatever)

thats why I said most, but if you try a couple of different brands you should be able to find one it won’t happen with. but the amonia can have the reaction with other things also, the detergent you use, the actual material of the shirts you wear,ect… peace