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Pretty Lost on the Sauce


i want to balloon up then deflate to an optimum size i want to maintain.
i lifted quite a bit in the marines. i went in weighing 160 lbs and after four months in japan i blew up to 210. i got tested for things twice while in japan because of how fast i gained and how much mass i gained. the only thing my body saw was twice my body weight in protein, water, sleep, and two hours of gym time 5 days a week. never touched a weight before the corps. anyway i havent lifted since 2002 and my wife said i look like a skinny fat guy. im still a thick dude, just heavier. i wiegh 250 and thicker around the waist. so ive started running to drop the weight and its working.

i once again started lifting but the pump i used to get just isnt happenning and i havent gained anything. so now im thinking of just running and cardio to drop down to 215 then start a cycle to help me put on some mass in the muscle department. since im older (32) i know gaining muscle is harder and i really want to have a better self picture. the questions i have are these: keep in mind i have never used performance enhancers before so im pretty lost in the sauce. ive done some research but still really confused.

1.oral or injectable- injections wouldnt bother me, and i want max results
2.is one product enough or do i need to combine some products together
3.will one cycle be enough for what i want. short term side effects dont worry me too much i just dont want to get addicted

i know i sound stupid, but seriously i dont know what to do here. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!!!


i'm guessing you haven't done reseach on this site much?

have you looked into the mironized creatine in your socks?


your diet and workout sucks


This x 2. In the socks for maximum absorption.



  1. Injectables are best, you can have orals at the beginning and/or the end too if you want.
  2. Multiple 'products', stacking, will provide added benefit/synergy, but using testosterone by itself is totally 'ok'.
  3. No one can tell you if one will be sufficient, especially if you don't utilize it as best as possible. 'Becoming addicted' is different than you think it is...

Do some research and come back.