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Pretty Funny Ronnie & Trey Bloopers


who says ronnie doesn't have a personality? lol




that was great! The Ronnie/Trey thing was funny. I've never heard anyone say Ronnie had no personality though. That guy is full of life.


it was cutler that lacked personality however after watching his earlier dvd's I'm starting too rethink that.


Whoooo! Lightweight B-a-b-y! Nothing to it but to do it! Peanuts.


here ronnie, lift these 4 bitches up

lol@ how he says biceps...bissssshshheeeeeps


I seen this video on the side... LOL, poor Ronnie must have felt so weird. Gotta love foreign shows and what they make people do.

Fuck, Live beat me too it. Lmao, funny either way.


love that guy's channel


Damn. BSN must be making bank.


I liked Forrest Griffin's comments on the 2nd part -lol.



I'm actually crying from laughter




hilarious, but wtf was that dude at the end chugging BSN junk?


I don't know but I thought it was hilarious.


Sorry to repost this again, but this vid is a classic and it always has me in tears.

Ronnie Coleman yeah buddy, light weight baby