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Pretty Funny Fight


That guy in the striped shirt has grit.


Man, #69 got JACKED up. 3 direct punches to the head, 2 direct kicks to the head, one which caused his head to bounce off the counter wall.

Whenever I see a video like this, I always wonder how well I'd fare in a straight up fight like that.

But good on striped-shirt for pretty much taking out #69 with that first punch.


This would've been a good video where some old woman drives right through the front window and smears all those stupid kids into tomorrow's salsa.


Is this GTA 5?


At 1:30 where the kid runs up, throws a punch, and ends up hitting his head on the wall is brilliant. I haven't seen something like that since Tom and Jerry.


x2 haha


Someone in the youtube comments section pointed out that the gray shirt fag has a dog or cat in his hand at :56 and drops when he runs in the store.

Lulz at the jersey wearing poser who gets rocked.


god those 3 guys who came in the front door were pussies. the two dudes just left there buddy there to get stomped out some more.

in the first video @ 1:29 was hilarious! swing and a miss... headplant into the wall lulz!


This video popped up on the Suggestions list. I was hoping it was a video of the fight continuing on outside.
It was even better...


striped shirt was not messing around.


Am I the only one here who literally got an adrenaline rush when the striped shirt guy caught #69 with that first punch? Am I the only one who proceeded to become extremely sexually-aroused at the sight of #69 getting kicked square in the goddamned face? And also at watching #69's buddy wiff on that punch and slam face-first into the counter? I love that shit!


Haha no way.


That shirtless jackass is a bitch. WOOOHOOOO WHOOOOO, throws two punches that didn't hit shit and runs out while still taunting...And WTF is on his chest?


OMG I'M DYING!!! HAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA! He had so much composure that it was hilarious... He's like are you dudes even serious?? One dude literally got fucking tossed.... That shit was great.

Go to 1:03 on cam 1... dude in black shirt throws his fucking puppy! LOL! Soooo many wtf's in this vid.


Mad props to the dude in the striped shirt. He just took care of business, how it should be done.


The faceplant into the counter is priceless! ^^


Striped shirt was awesome. #69 was totally fucked and could barely walk out straight. lol


OMG.... I'm just watching it over and over and can't stop laughing!

69 comes busting in all big and bad, and leaves all broken and busted!



was hopin for some WWE chair bashin at that one point, lol


thats fucked up that the fellas didn't get to eat. They should return and say " yes, We want our order please.. we were the guys that took care of business"