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Pretty Cool "Effects of "No Load" Resistance Training"

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Assuming such a study is planned, it will be much more interesting to me if a similar effect is found in trained individuals.



It seems allot of these studies seem to use untrained individuals… I assume its because its easier to prove hypothesis on a group of test subject that will respond to most or any direct training stimuli. I wont say it is a form of stacking the deck in the researchers favor…but

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More like there’s so many confounding factors/variables that may or may not have been controlled and protocol that I’m not sure is based on best evidence exercise science/physiology that the study is poorly designed at best nevermind limited to the specific population

To interpret the findings as straight up, no terms and conditions apply, “Training with no external load produced similar [increase] in muscle size … [vs] an external load” is extrapolating much too far from the bounds of the study without any basis.

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