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Pretending I Know What I'm Doing

I’m another long time lurker who decided to finally start a training log and join some conversations to possibly impart vague words of wisdom or just as possibly what not to do. I’m 39, 6’1, and around 195. My training tends to be strongman-focused because I enjoy that for some reason, but my only contest so far had a last place finish thanks to ripping my lat and tricep on the max deadlift event. I’m training out of my basement/garage with a random’ish mix of equipment–trap bar, sandbag, log, TRX straps, a Husafell stone, and a few light kettlebells and dumbbells. The current training plan is pretty simple:

Carry day–mix of Husafell stone carry, farmer’s walk with trap bar, sandbag stuff
Log day–alternating weeks between volume and heavy cluster sets
Deadlift day–alternating weeks between volume and heavy cluster sets

Along with a day of running, a day of biking on the wife’s stationary bike, and plenty of chasing a 2 year old around. So with said, day 1 of log:

Husafell stone (Titan unloaded 110, so not as thick as the more expensive/similar to the real thing ones) carry 400’
Husafell stone + 25 lbs plate 400’ – PR, very cautiously upping the weights on the stone since loading it up to 200+ on an overtrained lower back didn’t go great a couple of months ago
Husafell stone + 25 lbs plate 200’, 200’

~190 lbs sandbag clean once and extend x6, x7, x8 – was originally a struggle to clean the sandbag at a lighter weight, feels like nothing now

2 giant sets of:

20 TRX rows
10 bottoms up 20 lbs KB presses with each arm
10 offset deadlifts with trap bar, 56 lbs on one side, 15 on other