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Pressure Points For Adrenaline?

I was watching a video featuring the one and only Eddie Hall, He talked about how he did the 500kg lift and obviously it took a lot out of him, He said himself that he had the physical strength but not the mental strength…

So he said he had been visiting psychiatrists etc and created a pressure point that switched on his adrenaline…

Can someone explain this to me, I thought it may be accupuncture but I beleive that’s for pain releif.

Seems like a conditioned response. I used to do that to get psyched up, but it’s not a good idea. When you burn in those pathways and change your physiological and psychological state like that it becomes easier to trigger and can become unpredictable (panic attacks)

An MD showed me a neat little trick though for reviving patients. There is a nerve bundle at the base of the septum and above the center of the two front teeth that you can jolt with your thumb that will give you a quick shot. Just use sparingly.


Wouldn’t be good for me then I get them and have to take 300mg of Pregabalin/Lyrica (a GABA drug)

I’d also probs use it only in a meet on the 3rd lift since I’d imagine it would give cortisol a boost too

There was a hypnotherapist that offered his program on this site a long time ago that I participated in.

Jack Singer if memory serves me. It was actually very good for attenuation the level of stimulation you wanted to achieve. I still use the cues to get into a good state.

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