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Pressure on Sore Muscles


Is putting pressure on sore muscles bad for their recovery? Specifically, I have sore legs(very sore to the touch) and I'm wondering if the lat pull down pads that put pressure on your legs in anyway hinders recovery?


No. It is possible that it could be helping you if anything. Ever heard of a foam roller. Search it, and thank me later.

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Maybe I'm weird but I always kind of liked the feeling when you pressed or massaged a muscle that hurt from weight training.


Any sort of massage or rubbing could increase blood flow to the area (hence all the people who think that the magic cremes they buy online actually work,.. it's the constant rubbing that makes things feel better). Of course if there's actual pain involved, and it's affecting the training of other areas, then it's certainly not a benefit, but a hinderence ... find another exercise.



The foamroller doesn't help the tweet tweet so it seems.