Pressure on lats from firing a pistol

Guys I got a tough one. A friend of mine was at a shooting range firing off some rounds of his pistol and some guy, who says he was an instructor for the NRA, told him his form was all wrong and he showed the proper technique then he proceeded to tell him that when firing a pistol a person’s lats absorb the pressure of each shot. Now this sounded pretty stupid to me so I naturally said it was bullshit(I am such the cynic). But I would like to know if anyone else has heard something like this to be true. It just doesn’t seem like the body works that way. Anyways, just drop in your thoughts.

Ask the guy to point to his lats.

I shoot often, but never thought about it. I would say it would be your tri’s as you reposition the weapon for the next shot.

Not sure…I don’t argue with people with guns.
Yeah that is good advice: don’t argue with armed people.

if you think about it, it doesn’t make much sense. The gun is connected to your arm, so the shock will be transferred to the rest of the body through your shoulder. So i think that the muscles that stabilize the shoulder and the deeper muscles of the upper back and torso would absorb most of the shock.

Nothinx, that is pretty much what I thought. I even explained to my friend as best I could about how the shoulder girdle works and he brushed it aside reasoning that I couldn’t know shit compared to this guy. But thanks for your input guys.

What a dumbass! That guy obviously doesn’t know where his lats are! I shoot three to four days a week, and my SHOULDER ends up sore (if I’m shooting pistols). This guy needs to poke a few 325 grain “brain busters” through a .44 Mag, then he’ll know where he hurts.

maybe if in firing the gun it moves your arm in the manner of say a dumbell row and you kinda have to tense the lats ? shrug thats the best i could even assume

the recoil of the pistol pushes the gun up and back. Forcing the lats to pull down like an over head lat pull down. I don’t know this for fact but makes sense to me.