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Pressure Cooker Recommendations?

Can anyone recommend a good pressure cooker? The only two usages that I care about are: 1) Steaming vegetables and 2) Cooking rice.

I basically hate my current rice cooker (and the one that I had prior to this one). - It always leaks/bubbles out of the vent on top and makes a big mess. So, that’s why I’m thinking “pressure cooker”. - Something with a COMPLETE seal so that there’s no mess.

I’ve been contemplating an Instant Pot, for example (https://www.amazon.com/Instant-Pot-Plus-60-Programmable/dp/B01NBKTPTS/). The reviews look good overall, but the negative reviews (primarily leak-related) are making me hesitate since leaking is the exact problem that I’m trying to solve.

Dunno any exact brands but most any should work

Purpose built rice cookers are good too and probably do the job for you

I’ve used a few rice cookers both sealed and not once you got them rice cookers with the full seal and you slam the lid shut and hear the locking mechanism click in you are good.

Insta pots are all the rage right now. Just buy where you can return in case it leaks. (costco?)

If it always leaks and bubbles, get a bigger rice cooker and/or use less rice.

You have very minimal requirements, so anything would likely do, but I love my Instant Pot. You can throw an entire pork butt in and have pulled pork in 45 minutes.

I second this. Cooking up a batch of meat is really handy. Instapot has a big online community to give you more tips and recipes. Also, pressure cooking 30 eggs for the week is a great time saver.