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Pressing: Strict Standing DB Press

I have a questtion for my fellow strongmen out there, I recently hit a 155lbs strict overhead press from a powerclean @ a bodyweight of 166. I’ve tried all sorts of things like Z presses which really help and pushpresses and also as a side note hit 105lbs for 1rep of weighted pullups and 110 for 2 on weighted dip… what i’ve been wondering is, would strict standing alternating dumbbell presses carryover to the Barbell? i currently do 65 for 3…

im just asking because I know certain dumbbell exercises dont really carryover to barbell exercieses such as flat bench, but wouldnt a strict standing dumbbell press?? i mean pressing is pressing is it not?
(ps) im thinking about taking BB ohp out entirely for a while but keep pushpress in my program to focus on DB OHP

              -thank you for your time, stay strong Joe

You can do seated or standing dumbbell pressing as an accessory movement for strict press or push press, but working with a barbell may provide more carryover since they are slightly different movements.

If your overhead is stuck you could try adding in some heavy incline pressing or weighted dips.

I really dont do much more then what Tom, Shakes, said! I do floor presses when I dont incline following my overhead work then heavy DB tricep extensions.

Where do you fail on maximal overhead press? Using a push press to overload above a strict press can help.

The 2 things that have really helped my overhead press are upper back strength, and lateral core stability (think side bends and single arm DB presses… but only holding 1 DB so you’re unbalanced).