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Pressing / Rowing

For at least the next 3 months I need to put a lot of focus on rowing and not so much focus on chest. I definitely need to put more mass on my chest but think it will not happen until I “fix myself”. I will donate one day per week for chest, using probably only 2 excercises and then maybe 4-5 rowing excercises split 2 days during the week. I also will be doing rotator cuff work 2 days. So the questions are:
Do I also need to do less vertical pushing during this time?
And does close grip bench, decline or normal, and dips count as a pressing/chest excercise?

It would be great to see what others have done and got results from.

Pressing is pressing yopu are pushing a load away from you you are internally rotating the shoulders using the shoulder, tri’s chhest sure some more than others but yes using them.

I was limit the volume of the pressing not the Intensity/load keep it high just keep the total volume low in comparison to the rowing (pulling things)

Now a few things like close grip id say do them with a limited ROM like pin presses go heavy. this will help with the pressing by working the tri/s but will limit the shoulder and chest etc.

Get your probs worked out then go back to a more balanced routine.

Hope that helps,

Thank you for your answer. I am going to cut my pressing volume more now. All this rotator cuff work and rowing will probably stimulate my shoulders enough anyway. But according to your answer 2-3 sets of less than 5 reps in military press and pin presses(it will be my first time performing those) isnt going to do any harm in the meantime.

[quote]S8 wrote:
and then maybe 4-5 rowing excercises split 2 days during the week. [/quote]
Details please

[quote]jp_dubya wrote:
S8 wrote:
and then maybe 4-5 rowing excercises split 2 days during the week.
Details please

Ok, here are my first 3 weeks:

seated rows on hammer machine 55, 120s rest
neutral grip dumbbell bench presses 4
8, 60s rest
dumbbell rows 48, 60s rest & repeat
one arm cable chest excercise, dont know what it is called, it looks like a pullover, fly & press all in one, 3
10-12, no rest
lower trap raises 3*10-12, 60s rest & repeat
finish with 2 rotator cuff excercises and abs.

Monday: 1hour basketball

Legs. Nothing special here, just deadlift(Ian King), squat & single-leg movements. abs. Ive got pretty good legs from all those years playing basketball and weight lifting. But will try to get my glutes involved more, and stretch my hip flexors before training.

Wednesday: 1hour basketball

chin-ups 55, 120s rest
standing barbell shoulder press 4
8, 60s rest
prone trap raises 48, 60s rest & repeat
seated cable rows 3
10-12, no rest
behind-the-neck band pulldowns, 60s rest & repeat
2 rotator cuff excercises and 2 for abs.

Friday: 1hour basketball
pin presses 55, 120s rest
barbell curls 4
8, 60s rest
skullcrusher 48, 60s rest & repeat
reverse barbell curls 3
10-12, no rest
triceps using rope in cables 3*10-12, 60s rest & repeat

I then change my program every 3 weeks but it will look something like this. Im also going to lose at most 10lbs of fat before christmas, so I will be eating around 4500-5000 calories per day. Do you thing because I will be losing weight that it will be harder for me to get the desired effects out of this program?