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Pressing Issue, Help with Lockout


My press is starting to get stuck round about forehead level, should I cut my Training Max down a bit or just stick with it and see how it goes?

Any good assistance exercises to help with the lock out?



If you are still getting a couple more reps than what's required, keep going. If you are only getting the required reps or less, go back 3 cycles and start again.

If I miss a press, it's at forehead level as well. I would bet most people are this way. I think that's the "you know, about 4 inches off my chest" for the press. Don't make your program convoluted with assistance work for a specific portion of a lift. Just keep going as is.


Listen to this advice. Where you miss doesn't matter. If you miss 225 at your forehead now, in two years you'll miss 275 at more or less the same spot. Range specific assistance work is mostly going to be a distraction.

If you're sure you're getting rooted, getting a hard glute/ab co-contraction, squeezing the bar as hard as you can, making a shelf with your lats, getting your breath right, etc... then maybe consider playing with the TM. Otherwise, there may be a lot of room for improvement just by refining your technique.