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Pressing in = Ulnar Nerve Entrapment

Hey Coach!
Quick question that I wanted your expert advice on. I am in phase 3 of Indigo Hypertrophy Program, actually week 2, and I guess I have come down with a pretty good cause of Ulnar Nerve Entrapment, or Cubital Tunnel syndrome. All the symptoms seem to be present and I have even lost ability to use my hand.

In this program there has been way more pressing than I am used to, almost a 4:1 and I was wondering if you have ever come across this yourself and if you have done/ or know some ways to help get back.

Right now I am dead in the water. Unable to use the arm for much of anything. I am obviously going to do basics like rest, ice, massage, KT tape etc but wanted to know, because your a Tricep guy/fan if you have an advice on this.
Thank you much sir, I greatly appreciate your time!

Have you seen anyone or do you lose the ability to use your hand and just carry on?

Have you tried nerve flossing? Here is a good video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DjIwl333Bt0
I’ve had some ulnar nerve problems in the past, and they creep up every so often and this really helps.

tsantos: Yes, I saw my ART practitioner because it started as just a dull ache in my forearm. I did two sessions with him about it and it seemed mostly alright as well as I gave it a few days off. We did find a trigger point in my bicep but mostly if I rolled or stretched my tri I felt it radiating to the spot in my forearm. I worked out for quite a while and really felt it the worst the other day after the Lat workout.
Woke up and could use my hand. I had be previously waking up with my hands asleep to the point I couldn’t move my fingers. Did some research last night and went and bought a pretty stiff brace to keep the arm from bending at night. Today is the first time I woke up without my hand paralyzed.
Tougher I will definitely look into that. Thank you!

Just an update in case anyone has any more advices: flossing technique i felt nothing. My forearm seemed to have more fluid and swelling but I went to see my ART guy and then my Sports massage therapist. The SMT found knots in my pec minor and diaphram as well as major spots in my triceps but mainly my Biceps.

Oddly enough, to me anyways, a lot of the condition is happening because of knots in the bicep. The SMT said my bicep was “huge” and “swollen” after working on it, it was way less. My forearm swelling also went down. I talked to a baseball guy who also had this and he said it was 3 weeks off the arm, basically in a lock out position. Anyone have experience with this or possibly better advice? Just trying to learn. THanks!